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BookMyEssay offers Radioactivity assignment help through expert assignment writers who are highly qualified and experienced as far as it is about producing assignments of exceptional quality. Our expert writers possess all the requisite knowledge and real-time experience when it comes to writing homework and assignments with all requirements covered. If you want to have different citation styles included in your assignments, our Physics experts can do that as well. Just tell us what your requirements are regarding your assignments, and we will cover them to the perfection with the help of our Radioactivity assignment writing help.

What is Radioactivity?

Radioactivity is the process in which the spontaneous release of radiation as high energy photon or particles due to a nuclear reaction takes place. The process is also known as nuclear decay or radioactive decay.

During the process of radioactivity, nuclei emit particles due to its instability. In the process, the unstable atomic nuclei decompose to form more stabilized nuclei spontaneously. The two most powerful forces of nature have an intense conflict, which is protons having the force of repulsion between one another and the strong forces giving rise to binding forces, thereby making several elements unstable. To gain stability, they have to go through the radioactivity process and therefore emit radiations. The process in which an unstable nucleus tends to decompose in nature is termed as natural radioactivity. On the other hand, the artificially done radioactivity in the lab is termed as induced radioactivity. And the elements that exhibit the process of radioactivity are called radioactive elements.

There are different types of radioactive reactions, namely, electron capture, positive beta decay or positron, and internal conversion. In electron capture, it is possible for a parent nucleus to capture one of the electrons and then emit a neutrino. The positron emission is nothing but beta decay as the properties of positron decay are similar to those of electron decay. Both display a characteristic energy spectrum owing to the emission of an antineutrino or neutrino. Internal conversion is expelling an orbital electron out of the atom by using the electromagnetic energy of the nucleus.

The types of radioactive emissions include the following:

  • Alpha radiations: These radiations are also known as alpha rays. They comprise positively charged particles, which are known as alpha particles. These particles possess an atomic charge of 2 and an atomic mass of 4, which is a helium nucleus. When a nucleus ejects an alpha particle, the atomic mass of the nucleus decreases by 4 units and the atomic number of the nucleus decreases by two units.
  • Beta radiation: During radioactivity, the stream of electrons is emitted and consists of the beta radiation. A nucleus is transformed into a proton when a beta particle is emitted. As a result of this, there is no change in the mass number of the nucleus. Due to beta radiations, the atomic number increases by one unit.
  • Gamma radiation: These radiations are photons having extremely high energy and extremely short wavelength. The wavelength lies between 0.00005 mm and 0.1 mm. These rays are ejected because of the change in energy inside the atom nucleus. There is no change in the mass number as well as the atomic number of the element due to these radiations. The gamma particles are often released when alpha and beta particles are emitted.

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