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Online Quartz Assignment Help

Introduction to Quartz

The chemical compound that consists of two parts of Oxygen and one part of Silicon is named as Quartz which is chemically known as Silicon dioxide. The chemical formula of the compound is SiO2. It is considered to be the most abundant minerals that are found at the surface of the Earth. The mineral has certain unique properties which makes it to be the most beneficial natural substances on Earth. The mineral is available in virtually every color. Quartz is found in nature in two forms that are chiral in shape and these are the α-quartz of normal temperature and the β-quartz of high temperature. The students can avail the assistance of BookMyEssay team at any time regarding Quartz assignment help online.

Properties of Quartz

The mineral Quartz is chemically classified as Silicate and it occurs virtually in every color. The common colors in which the mineral occur usually are gray, clear, white, purple, brown, yellow, black, red, green, and pink. The streaks of the Quartz mineral are more solid than the streak plate and colorless. It has vitreous lustre and bears the visible property of transparent to translucent. It donot have cleavage and typically breaks with a conchoidal fracture. The measure of hardness of the natural compound is 7 Mohs and the specific gravity of the compound is 2.6 to 2.7. The crystal structure of the compound is Hexagonal and it is used for several purposes in everyday life. For getting Quartz homework and assignment help, the efficient team of BookMyEssay is accessible to the students for 24/7.

Occurrence of Quartz

The compound Quartz is considered to be the widely distributed mineral that is found at the Earth’s surface. The mineral is formed at all types of temperature. It is found in enough quantity in igneous, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks. The mineral has high resistance for both the chemical and mechanical weathering. The durability of Quartz makes it to be the strongest mineral of the mountaintops and is also the basic constituent of river, beach, and desert sand. The deposits of the minerals are found throughout the globe. The BookMyEssay website is the popular and convenient platform for the students that provide Quartz homework help online within their budget.

Uses of Quartz

The durable mineral Quartz is used for several purposes and it is used in large quantity throughout the world and is considered the most useful natural mineral found in Earth. Due to the heat resistance and chemical properties of the mineral, it is used as a valuable component in making electronic products. It is also considered as a useful gemstone. Apart from expert assignment writing help for Quartz, the team of BookMyEssay also provides assistance in the completion of the academic thesis, dissertation, case study, and other academic writing without any error. Thus the other different types of uses of the mineral are as mentioned below:

  1. Use of Quartz in Glass Making: The high purity silica sand found in Quartz mineral is used in the glass making industry and thus the sand of quartz mineral is used in making the glass container, glass plates, fibre glass, and the specialty glass. BookMyEssay provides the genuine platform to the students for Quartz coursework assistance.
  2. Use of Quartz as an Abrasive: The hardness property of the Quartz mineral that measures 7 Mohs in scale makes it an outstanding abrasive material. The silica sand which is finely ground and the sand of quartz mineral are used for scouring cleansers, sand blasting, and grinding media.
  3. Use of Quartz as Foundry Sand: Due to the resistivity of the Quartz to both the chemicals and heat. It is used for the cores and molds of the common foundry work and in smelting of the metals that is used as flux. The refractory bricks are buildup of quartz sand due to its high resistance to heat. The students are free to avail Quartz assignment help.
  4. Use of Quartz in Petroleum Industry: The Quartz sand possesses high resistance to get crushed. The sands of quartz are forced to down the oil and thus the gas that wells under the high pressure in a process which is known as the hydraulic fracturing. The sandy slurry is inserted into the fractures and the high atmospheric pressure disrupts the reservoir rocks.

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