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Quality of Service Assignment Help

Introduction to Quality of Service

The term Quality of Service is defined as the capability of the network to achieve the maximum bandwidth and also deal with the other elements of the network performance like the latency, uptime, and error rate. It is involved in managing and controlling the network resources on fixing the priorities for the particular types of data like the document, files, audio, video, etc. on the network. The dedicated best Australian writers of BookMyEssay is competent enough to solve any queries related to the assignments like Quality of Service assignment help.

It is implemented to the traffic of network that is generated for the video on demand, VoIP, IPTV, streaming media, online gaming, and video conferencing. Thus along with the growth of the internet users, the requirements for the network performance also increases. Additionally it has been found that most of the latest online services need huge amounts of the network performance and the bandwidth. For both the service provider and the user, the performance of the network was a matter of concern. Different kinds of techniques and technologies need to be implemented by the internet service providers for providing the best possible services. Students can refer to the efficient team of BookMyEssay for the quick delivery of Quality of Service coursework writing help.

The primary objective of the Quality of Service is to provide the priority to the networks thus including the controlled jitter, dedicated bandwidth, low latency, and improved loss characteristics. The building blocks that are elemental are supplied by its technologies that would be used for the business applications in future in the campus, service provider networks, and the wide area networks. We delivers quality assignment paper help on Quality of Service for the students.

Fundamental Components for the Implementation of QoS

The three basic components for the implementations in the basic Quality of Service are as follows:

  • The QoS management, policy, and the accounting functions are employed to administer and across a network control the traffic from a single end to the other end.
  • The QoS within an element of single network.
  • The identification and the marking of the techniques for coordinating the QoS from one point to the other point between the network elements.

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Applications of Quality of Service

For some particular types of traffic a defined quality of service might be desired or required which are as described below:

  • The Quality of Service is implemented in the Internet protocol television, Audio over Ethernet, Voice Over IP, etc.
  • The concept is also implemented in specifically streaming media, Audio over IP, Telepresence, circuit emulation service, videotelephony, and also in the safety-critical applications like the remote surgery, network operations support systems, and even the online games.
  • In this type of applications the lag of the real-time can be a factor for the quality of service. The other type of applications like the protocols of the Industrial Control Systems such as the Ethernet or IP which are used for the control of the machinery in real-time.

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Parameters of Quality of Service

By using several kinds of parameters, the organizations can measure Quality of Service quantitatively and thus these parameters are discussed as below:

  • Bandwidth – It is measured as the ability of the communication link of a network to transmit the major part of data from a specific point to another point within a given period of time.
  • Latency – It is referred to be the time that a data packet travels from the starting point to the destination.
  • Jitter, which is the resultant of the change of packet rout, time drifting, and network congestion.
  • Packet Loss – Whenever the network links become congested, the packet loss happens and thus the routers and the switches start dropping the packets.
  • Mean Opinion Score – It is a measure i.e. metric of rating a voice quality over a five-point measured scale, thus indicating as five to be the highest scale.

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