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Qualitative Research Assignment Help
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Qualitative Research Assignment Help

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis is a vital component of a research report. A research report cannot be completed without this Qualitative research analysis. This technique forms a significant part of Data Analysis and is used by the researchers for conducting research. Qualitative data is a measurement that is showed in natural language description. For example, gender is a non-numerical/categorical variable that has two groups-female and male. If you are facing trouble in understanding Qualitative analysis or need a professional Qualitative Research assignment help then BookMyEssay is the perfect place for you. We at BookMyEssay have experts who possess complete knowledge of data collection techniques and data collection methods through which they conduct thorough research.

Our experts possess an idea about various data collection instruments, which cover qualitative research technique. A researcher who has full information and knowledge about research methods can complete them. If you want a genuine Qualitative Research assessment help, BookMyEssay is the perfect place that can take away all your stress. Our step by step solution helps students in understanding the concept very clearly. We always deliver the assignments within the due date and they do not contain any trace of plagiarism.

Qualitative Research – An Overview

Qualitative research is a method of natural inquiry that looks for an in-depth understanding of a social phenomenon within its natural setting. It stresses “why” instead of “what” and depends on direct experiences of a human being. Instead of statistical and logical procedures, qualitative researchers make use of several inquiry systems for studying human phenomena such as a case study, biography, discourse analysis, historical analysis, grounded theory, ethnography, and phenomenology.

The main focus area includes individuals, cultures and societies, and communication and language, There are several methods of inquiry in this kind of research but a common assumption is that knowledge is subjective instead of objective. To ensure trustworthiness and rigor, a researcher tries to maintain a neutral position while being engaged in this research method process.

Qualitative research methods started in the behavioral and social sciences. These days the world has become highly complicated and it becomes very difficult to understand what people perceive and think. Qualitative research methods make us understand that it is more descriptive and communicative. Following are the qualitative research methods uses frequently:

  • One-on-one interviews– Conducting one-on-one interview is the most common method of qualitative research. It is a personal interview carried out with just one respondent. This is a conversational method. In this method, you get an opportunity to gain precise data about the thinking of people and their motivations.
  • Focus groups– A focus group is a commonly used qualitative research methodology that is used in data collection. Focus groups include limited respondents within a target market. The main objective is finding out answers as to what, why, and how questions. One benefit of a focus group is that you do not have to interact in person with the group.
  • Ethnographic research– Ethnographic research is a thorough observational method involving studying people in their usual environment. This method needs the researchers to get along with the environment of the target audiences that can be a city, a remote location, or an organization. This research aims to know the challenges, cultures, settings, and motivations. Rather than depending on discussions and interviews, here a natural setting is experienced.

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