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Protein Fibers (Wool, Silk and Hair Fibers ) Assignment Help from Experts

Protein fibers are produced from the protein sources like plants, animals, and insects. The natural protein fibers are used for ages but the man-made protein fibers have been introduced in the 1950s and its development is a constant innovation. The protein-based fibers are crucial as they are used for developing lightweight materials as they have the properties of biodegradability, temperature regulation, moisture, and great mechanical properties. Protein fibers are the materials derived from the animals and some of them are wool, silk, hair, feathers, and cashmere. They are highly sensitive to the pH levels that are used while dying the fibers like cotton and therefore they should be colored using an acidic dye. Silk is also a protein fiber and some forms of it are woven into textiles. The best quality silk is received from the cocoons. The length of silk fiber depends on the method of its preparation. Protein fibers is an important field of study for the textile engineering students and engineering students are often given assignments to enable them to understand the key concepts in a much better way. A proper understanding of the concept can make their career prospects much better. However, sometimes the lack of writing skills and at times lack time compels the students to hire a professional online assignment writing help service provider like BookMyEssay for Protein Fibers (wool, silk and hair fibers) assignment help.

A Brief Introduction to Protein Fibers

Protein fibers are created from the sources of the natural animals through condensation of the amino acids. Two major types of natural protein fibers are in existence such as the keratin (hair) and the secreted fibers. The major sources of protein fibers are Wool, Silk, Mohair, Cashmere, Alpaca, etc. Wool is a natural protein hair fiber that is obtained from the sheep. The structure, properties and the fineness of the wool depend on the breed of the sheep. Huge varieties of wool are available from Lincoln, Sussex, Merino, Cheviot, and another breed.

Silk is also a natural protein fiber that is extracted by silkworm. It is a fine and continuous fiber having high strength and luster and is highly valued as a prestige fiber. It is very costly and therefore used in textiles in a limited way. There are two different kinds of silk-the wild silk and the cultivated silk. Wild silk is obtained from the silkworms who spin the cocoons in the wild. The silkworms eat leaves of all kinds and therefore the silk produced by them are of lower quality. Cultivated silk is derived from the silkworms who are kept in captivity and they feed on the mulberry leaves. The silk is of higher quality and very expensive. Hair fibers are obtained from various animals that play a part in the formation of fabrics like Alpaca, Mohair, Camel, Cashmere, etc.

You will also learn about various other aspects of protein fibers like what are dyes? What are acid dyes? How to dye the protein fibers? What are reactive dyes? What are cellulose fibers? What are synthetic fibers? How to dye different types of synthetic fibers? What are the different molecular structures of protein fibers? What are insect fibers?

It is a vast field and you need to learn different aspects of the subject very well in order to write your Protein Fibers homework and assignments proficiently.

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