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Prokaryotic Cells Assignment Help
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What Do You Understand By Prokaryotic Cells?

Several living organisms live in the world. A majority of those differs from one another in many ways. Therefore, it is not complex to determine and distinguish them from one another. However, that does not suggest that all living organisms are distinguishable in terms of their physical or morphological features that are noticeable. Some organisms have differences that are not highly noticeable and are not catchable by the naked eyes of humans. Therefore, there is a separate branch of science called taxonomy that conducts studies on such organisms that makes it possible to distinguish them.

The branch of Science that distinguishes animals as per their characteristics or morphology is taxonomy. According to taxonomy, organisms possessing noticeable differences have to be kept under diversified phylum. In addition, the organisms that fall into the same phylum come under diversified groups, orders, and class for marking even the minutest variation among them. Taxonomist is someone who analyzes the differences between organisms thereby performing an in-depth study on animals and classifying them into a number of groups accordingly. Students of Science stream can get online homework assignment help on Prokaryotes Cells topic.

Prokaryotes are the organisms that contain a single cell and that do not have any type of organelles bound with membranes like in the case of Chloroplast, Mitochondria, or nucleus bound with the membrane. The primary structure in these organisms is the cell wall of the prokaryotic cell. A majority of the prokaryotes contains cell walls protecting the cell interior; however, the presence of cell wall is not mandatory in all the groups. Then comes the membrane of the cell that provides the outer covering to the cell. In the prokaryotes, the cell membranes regulate the substances entering and exiting the cell. There is the cytoplasm that remains within the membrane of the cell. The cytoplasm is a fluid like a gel having all the Prokaryotic Cells contents including ions and salts.

In prokaryotes, locomotion occurs by means of the flagellum that is there is the cell outer margin. The size, shape, and number of the flagellum differ in diversified prokaryotes as per the functions and planning of the body. Prokaryotes are primarily of four kinds including comma-shaped, rod-shaped, spherical shaped, and spiral shaped. In addition to these basic structures, a number of variations are available in the two domains, which are archaea and bacteria, of prokaryotes. Bacteria contain peptidoglycan that basically safeguards its membrane from all types of destruction and attack from antibiotics or external agents in which archaea tend to lack peptidoglycan in the wall of the cell. Primarily, archaea contain a number of characteristics that resemble eukaryotes instead of those of bacteria.

Prokaryotes lack well-organized nucleus due to the improper or undefined shape of the nucleus in prokaryotes. The nucleus remains in the cytoplasm and contains covering bound with the membrane and therefore known as nucleoid only consisting of double-stranded DNA. Examples of prokaryotes include cyanobacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus, E.coli, Streptococcus pyogenes, and others.

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