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Project Planning Assignment Help
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Project Planning Assignment Help

Rated as the second phase that appears in the project life cycle, this phase, it entails all the activities that related to creation of project plans so as to draw an outline for the team to perform their wo on the project as per the pre-executed and pre-defined plan. It is an integral step to the entire project management lifecycle. Student taking Project Planning assignment help from professionals learn about the entire process of plans creation that helps in managing cost, time, quality, risk, change, and issues. It also aids in managing staff as well as external suppliers so that the projects gets delivered to respective parties within the set time and budget.

What are the Basic Steps Involved in Project Planning?

Students availing Project Planning case study help gain familiarity with the basic steps that form an integral part of this phase. These are inclusive of steps as well as templates that are needed to execute upon the same and are duly presented and detailed below:

  • Creating a Project Plan – This is the primary step which involves planning of all facets that are involved in the project handling
  • Devising a Resource Plan – This indicates planning for resources that will be required for the project completion
  • Financial Planning: In this step, the project planner, identifies and presents all the sources form where the finance will be arranged.
  • Quality Planning: It is an important facet which ensures that the project is completed with the expected quality standard.
  • Risk Planning: To make the project foolproof, it is essential to identify and outline all the risks associated in project handling and completion
  • Acceptance Plan: Once other aspects are dealt with, a project planner must work at devising an acceptance plan and set an alternate for all the above listed semi-plans.
  • Communications Plan: this defines how the plan will be communicated to the stakeholders to convey and convince without missing a point
  • Procurement Plan: Planning for sources as well as identifying sources from where these will be procured is an important consideration in projects planning phase.
  • Establishing the Suppliers: Researching and shortlisting suppliers who have the potential to meet the project needs swiftly is another important part of project planning

What are the Challenges of a Project Planner?

Project Planning discusses about the challenges that are commonly encountered / faced by a Project Manager wile devising a plan. This is all encompassing of identifying the right channels through which the support in terms of material and skills will be sourced along with planning your communications ways via which the information will be cascaded to the stakeholders. In order to ensure that project plan devised is clear and concise, a project manager should strategize for successful project management. The entire phase begins with the setting goals that can be done following methods like S.M.A.R.T. and CLEAR. Both these methods are duty explained and described by the professionals offering Project Planning thesis and dissertation writing help to students worldwide.

  • M.A.R.T – This method is a popular one that aims at ensuring that goals are thoroughly vetted. Further, it aids in providing thorough clear understanding about the implications of the entire process of goal-setting. This is further expanded as:
  • Specific – To define specific goals by finding answers the questions like who, where, what, which, when, and why.
  • Measurable – It indicates creation of criteria to measure the success.
  • Attainable – This hints the task of outlining important goals and ways to reach the same
  • Realistic – Setting a goal which is specific and realistic
  • Timely – Setting a tideline by which the goal can be achieved.

Second method is to create C.L.E.A.R. Goals. This one is a contemporary form that resonates better with the environment of modern day fast-paced businesses. This method can also be expanded as:

  • Collaborative – It aids in encouraging the employees to work in harmony
  • Limited – Goals should be set to appear easily achievable within set time
  • Emotional – It is essential that the set goals harness the passion and zeal of employees to enhance work quality
  • Appreciable – Simplifying the goal size by breaking them into chunks is a better approach for clarity
  • Refinable – A Project Manager must always be in an agreeable position to keep the goals flexible for their refinement.

The entire planning phase sums up to the task of identifying the cost, available resources, quality, and set a feasible timetable. These plans must be generated in view of the scope, schedule and costing fixed for the project to keep it on track.

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