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Product Line Pricing Assignment Help Online

Product line pricing is a method used for setting prices for the entire range of products. This pricing is not related to setting prices on just a single product but includes a broader range. In this kind of pricing, the manager wants to earn profit from the entire product line instead of from a single product. Product line pricing is an important aspect of marketing because it determines the product’s success. It can be highly dangerous for a company to set the product prices too high without any brand value. Determining the product line pricing is very challenging and it is dependent on many factors like production cost, product quality, competition, market location, customer group, and market condition. The online assignment writing experts of BookMyEssay are well aware of the market dynamics including market research and therefore they can provide Product Line Pricing assignment help to the marketing management students accurately. Product line pricing depends a lot on the net revenue and also by the prevailing marketing forces and condition. The students should have deep knowledge and understanding of the marketing concept for fixing the price of a product. Finding out the actual cost of production requires plenty of calculation. Product Line Pricing assignment help online assists you to calculate the accurate product line prices.

Product Line Pricing

Many businesses use the product line pricing method. If you enter into business, you will have to know about the product line pricing method and how the method is used. Product line pricing is the process used by the retailers for separating the goods into different cost categories thus creating different levels of quality in the customers’ mind. This pricing method is highly effective when there exist huge price differences between every category of product. This way the customers are well-informed of the differences in quality. Commonly, five kinds of product line pricing strategy are used such as leader pricing, captive pricing, price lining, bait pricing, and price bundling.

  • Captive pricing: The basic idea behind this pricing is that the company sells a product at a low price or give away for free. But, to get the full benefit, you have to buy an additional product. The company may incur a loss on the base product but make a good profit on the additional one. It works best if no product of the same quality is available in the similar price range.
  • Leader pricing– The idea behind this pricing is to generate traffic for the stores. The items that are used for bringing the customers to the stores are called loss leaders. When the customers enter the store for purchasing the loss leaders, they purchase the additional items at the full retail price. The company makes a profit from the unplanned sales that happen along with the sale of loss leaders.
  • Bait pricing– This pricing strategy is considered unethical and at times illegal too. It includes advertising a product at a low price for attracting the customers but it is offered with limited supply. This process is often treated as illegal.
  • Price lining– This pricing strategy is used by the retailers when the different items are priced at the specific price. The items are of different quality and have different features. This strategy is helpful for the retailers to predict the profits and also to market to the customers.
  • Bundled pricing– Different products are sold as a single item using the bundled pricing method. Rather than the customers purchasing all the items separately, these items are packed and priced as a single item. These are usually offered at a discount rather than when the individual items are purchased separately.

Problems Encountered by Students While Writing Assignments

Students go through various problems while writing the assignments so they avail the Product Line Pricing assignment help from BookMyEssay. Some of the problems are as follows:

  • Time constraints – It is the most common problem among the students. Marks are often deducted due to the delayed submission of assignment papers.
  • Lack of in-depth subject knowledge – The quality of the assignments often deteriorates due to poor knowledge on the subject.
  • Lack of understanding the topic – Sometimes wrong approach, wrong use of data, and faulty explanations spoil the assignment.
  • Plagiarism issues – It is another vital issue among the students. There are certain rules and regulations which every student need to follow.

Issues like 100% plagiarism free, referencing, grammatical mistakes, use of subject related terms, etc. are taken very seriously by the professors or examiners. It is far better to contact Product Line Pricing case study help rather submitting a casually or wrongfully written assignment.

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