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Online Price Skimming Assignment Help

A Sneak Peek into the Concept of Price Skimming

In simple words, Price skimming is a process wherein a seller reduces the cost of a commodity which was initially kept very high. These are important costing tactic that are followed by leading marketer to catch buyer’s attention and play with their buying psychology. The reduction in cost with the passing time is categorised into a progressive kind of price discrimination or yield management. It is an important technique which enables many companies to re-establish its crumbling prices at a steadfast pace before completion. This process is followed at an early stage which aims to reduce the market price of a commodity.  Order Price Skimming assignment help from BookMyEssay team to get all information about this subject.

In most of the scenarios, price skimming/ skimming pricing is looked as a technique which rides down the demand curve fulfilling the core purpose of getting surplus from buyers in the initial stage of a product, which they reduce with the eventually for gaining a controlling position on the sellers’ low-cost sensitivity.

Why do Business Follow this Pricing Technique

Price skimming is an important pricing tactic that is levied on a product wherein a business imposes higher costs to fetch maximum business from the consumers within the early life of a product. Price skimming always aims to tap the price sensitive segment in the later stages. So, the price is set low as soon as the needs get met and matched right in the beginning. This strategy is thus named so to showcase the trend of skimming all the creamy / consecutive layers of customer followed by price reduction in future.

To understand it further, it can be stated that there are many reasons why price skimming happens. This trend is mostly prevalent in technological markets wherein the firms set high markets for gadgets and feature filled mobiles or other products right in the beginning of its lifecycle. So, this helps in catering and capturing the creamy layer of buyers who will pay the high price which eventually gets down to the nominal pricing with an average profit estimate when the product matures over period. This technique is widely employed with a launch of new products to capture maximum profit share.

What are Stages Defined in the Price Skimming

Price skimming has helped many businesses to employ smart strategy of price discrimination wherein a product is sold to customers at different prices at different time periods to generate high profits. It is basically covered in 3 major stages wherein each stage showcases varying profit margins. The stages are explained below:

  • Stage 1 – This stage experiences highest product price thus the profit calculation is also topmost. In this phase, early adopters (people which wish to pursue the latest and greatest commodity) gets captured. For these customers price is not a big concern. The seller will capture a limited market share, but profits are high.
  • Stage 2 – Once the cream gets tapped, sellers aim to expand their market share by reducing the price to keep it within a considerable purchase bracket. This helps in attracting the buyers who were already considering the product purchase in Stage 1. As the price is set low, profit will be less with increased volume of sales and market share
  • Stage 3 – This is ultimate stage of whereas when sales start to decline, price is reduced further to attract strict budget buyers or say discount shoppers. The profit will continue to decrease and the product will proceed towards end of its life cycle.

For sellers, the major purpose of following this technique is to capture all the categories of buyers till the product reaches its final stage and ultimately disappears from the market. Producers who have a knack of deploying this strategy properly, have gained and recorded great success in tapping most of the target market by the end of all the three phases. BookMyEssay provide detailed information about these stages through their price skimming homework and assignment.  Students who are looking for writing service on this subject can visit website.

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