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If you are studying mathematics, you will soon learn about polar coordinates. This is the most fundamental lessons on higher geometry where you will learn to indicate the position of a point or geometric figure in the 2-dimensional plane. There are lots of equations for different geometric figures like circle, ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola which you have to know in-depth. There will be assignments too on that topic and they will not be easier ones to complete. Your expert knowledge will be required to solve highly complicated topic in polar coordinates. But never worry, if you find any topic really tough or if for any other reasons, it seems that completing the assignment within the deadline will be tough, contact BookMyEssay for professional Polar Coordinates assignment help.

In polar coordinates assignments, three fields of mathematics are important: algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Each point in a polar coordinate can be described with radial coordinate or r and angular coordinate or θ (theta). The latter one is also known as Azimuth or polar angle. You may require changing Polar coordinates to Cartesian coordinates and vice versa. This follows a particular rule. The related equations of shifting from one system to another are as follows:

You know how to use these equations to find any unknown quantities depicted here, i.e. x, y, and θ.

Polar coordinate geometry is a part of applied mathematics which is often used in depicting different positions in space like a position of a planet or star. Navigators, meteorologists, and military personnel also use polar coordinates systems and formulas for understanding the positions of different objects in distant places. These days, computer applications play a vital part in polar coordinates. So, you may require understanding some computer applications in this realm.

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Polar Coordinates: Some Important Aspects

The coordinates system that expresses a point in a two-dimensional space in terms of radius and angle with respect to the origin are known as polar coordinates. The angle always rotates or expressed with respect to the positive horizontal axis which is known as polar axis.

In the above figure: the point P is located at (r, θ) where r is the radius of the point from the origin or distance of the point from the origin and θ is the angle of the point with respect to the X-axis and it is always in the right direction (positive direction). In advanced and applied mathematics, the polar angle is mostly expressed in radians. See the image below to understand it better:

Starting from 0, it ends at 2π where π = 180 degrees. Here, π/2 = 90 degrees. Apart from general formulas and problems, you have to deal with many other topics:

Lines in two dimensions, Properties of parallel lines, Properties of perpendicular lines, Properties of different geometrical figures, and practical applications of this form polar coordinates.

Polar Coordinates Assignment help

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