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Plate Tectonics Assignment Help
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Plate Tectonics Assignment Help

Plate tectonics deal with the movement and characteristics of different plates that constitute the earth’s outer surface. The outer shell of the earth is composed of several plates, which are still moving and changing the configuration of the outer shell of the earth, the plate tectonics theorizes all these aspects very intensively and provides a view how the earth has changed since its birth. The concept of plate tectonics was formulated in the 1960s. Students of geology and geography are often given assignments from the various aspects of plate tectonics. On the other hand, BookMyEssay provides professional Plate Tectonics assignment help to make the assignment writing easier and faster for the students. Writing assignments on plate tectonics is not an easy affair, but with the help of the most professional writers, students confidently complete the assignments on this topic and also obtain high scores.

The Overview of Plate Tectonics

The theory of plate tectonics was developed in the early 1960s and got a complete form by the 1970s. Lithosphere is the rigid outer layer, which is almost 100km or 60 miles thick and is placed on the top of a fine layer called the asthenosphere.

The lithosphere is divided into large number of small plates, which are in constant movement and also colliding with each other. The plates are moving almost 5-10 coms per year. Due to their interaction with each other, they often converge, diverge, or slip past one another. According to the experts, the interactions are thought to be responsible for most of the earth’s seismic and volcanic activities on the upper surface of the earth.

Motion of the plates and their interactions cause increase of the height of the mountains, fracture in the continents, and increase in the depth of the oceans. When these activities go on happening over a millions of years, a significant change in the earth’s over all geography takes place.

The plate tectonics theory is based on a broad combination of geologic and geophysical data. The theory is now universally recognized as the true depiction of tectonic movements of the earth. The theory of plate tectonics has provided various fields of geography and geology a better way to look into the important aspects of earth’s features, including the basic features of climatic changes, oceans, atmosphere, and evaluation of earth’s crust.

Here are some important topics on plate tectonics –

Plate boundaries – The lithospheric plates are much thicker than the crusts of the oceans or continents. Hence, their boundaries do not merge with that of the oceans and continents, and their behavior is someway different from that of oceans and continents.

Divergent margins – As plates separate from each other, or diverges, the release of pressure causes melting of the primary layer. This molten material, which is called magma, is basaltic in nature and buoyant in nature. As a result, it gushes forth and cools close to the surface to create new crust.

Convergent Margins – The formation of Earth’s new crust produces an additional crust that needs to be balanced by the destruction of one or more crusts elsewhere. This is accomplished at the convergent plate boundaries, where one plate descends making an angle with the another one.

Continental rifting – This is a process by which the continental lithosphere extends in volume. It is the belt or zone of the continental lithosphere, where the extensional deformation or rifting is taking place.  These sectors have high significance and geological structures, and if the rifting is successful, new ocean basins are formed.

Mantle Convection – Tectonics forces are the result of mantle convection. Mantle convection appears due to thermal expansion of mantle material upon heating, which causes a drop in the density in comparison to the overlying fluid. The resulting buoyant forces cause the material to move upwards. Once it reaches the surface, it cools down and becomes denser. As its density increases to a certain extent, it sinks below. As the process continues, it is called mantle convection.

Besides, there are many other important topics, like rift basins, ocean basins, earthquakes, volcanism, seafloor spreading and many more.

Plate Tectonics Assignment Writing Help

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