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PEST Control (Agriculture) Assignment Help
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PEST Control (Agriculture) Assignment Help from BookMyEssay

Pests are a peril to our lives. Pests cause diseases, destroy crops, and are even responsible for epidemics. Pest control has become a necessity in everybody’s life nowadays. Cockroaches, ants, rodents, termites constantly attack our homes and then it becomes imperative to avail professional help. Pest control for centuries is a matter of serious concern for many people. We must be well-informed about the pest control methods to take the right decision. People think that just by spraying chemical they can get rid of the unwanted pests. But, this is not true. By implementing several chemical, biological and mechanical processes, we can only get rid of them. Managing pests in agriculture include the use of environmentally safe pesticides for controlling the crop pests when needed. It also includes using the IPM or integrated pest management strategies to avoid depending completely on the chemical methods. Pest control is an exceptionally vital topic for the students pursuing Agriculture courses in the colleges. At times, students face problems to understand the pest control methods accurately and hence avail PEST Control (Agriculture) assignment help from BookMyEssay.

IPM involves strategies, which determines when the pest control treatment will be necessary. This strategy is best developed for insect control. This form of pest control can lower the number of pesticides applied to the agriculture lands thus reducing the cost of pesticides and preserving the quality of water. When the pests are monitored carefully, the pesticides can be used in a more judicious manner. For using the accurate pest control methods, it is important to gather more knowledge about the pests. Apart from the use of pesticides, other strategies such as cultural, biological, and mechanical controls are also useful. The cultural control methods include crops that resist pests, crop rotation, and field borders. Mechanical controls that can be implemented are flame-weeding, rotary hoes, and weed cultivators. Biological factors include discharge of natural predators timely. BookMyEssay assists the students with PEST Control assignment writing help by providing them the most reliable assignment developed by our online agriculture  assignment professionals. We have recruited best Australian writers from renowned universities worldwide and they possess the thorough subject knowledge and thus our PEST services are trustworthy.

Methods of PEST Control in Agriculture

The methods of PEST control in Agriculture include both the chemical and the non-chemical methods are discussed below:

  • Chemical pesticides are used for pest control – As they are hazardous in nature, they must be avoided in the residential and the commercial premises. Be sure about the pest before dealing with it and choose the right pesticide.
  • Fumigation– Fumigation is carried out using the chemicals such as Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Phosphide, and Methyl Bromide.

The non-chemical PEST control methods are non-toxic in nature. The major benefit of using this method is that they are not harmful to the health and the environment. It is useful because the toxic chemicals can reduce the ability of the soil to nourish the plants. The effective non-chemical methods are:

  • Organic spray– Mix the ingredients like water, lemon juice extract, vodka, peppermint oil, dishwashing liquid and spray on the leaves of the plant. It will keep away the pests.
  • Pest baiting– Use the simple baits to attract the pests. There are plenty of poisonous baits on which the pests like rodents and mice feed on. They infect their other population in the hideouts and kill them.
  • Traps setting– Traps are great because they do their work without affecting anyone’s health. Choose the trap depending on the kind of pest like glue trap is used for the spiders.
  • Biological Pest control– This method does not cause any harm to the human beings and the pests such as ants, spiders, centipedes can be easily kept at bay.
  • Mechanical pest control– Management of pests like using barriers, fences, or electronic wires is really useful.

Other pest control methods include handpicking, controlling the pests in the physical and the mechanical ways, eliminating the breeding grounds, and calling the professionals.

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