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Perpetual Inventory Assignment Help
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Perpetual Inventory Assignment Help

Perpetual inventory system is an accounting system whereby the inventory is updated after each purchase or sale. That is to say, in this accounting form of inventory calculation, inventory remains always updated. There are certain accounting procedure and terms and conditions, which are to be followed to organize the inventory maintenance with the help of perpetual inventory system. Students of accounting are often given detail lessons on this system, but the assignment tasks on this topic are not easy to solve. Moreover, students of accounting face the scarcity of time and resources while handling these assignments. In such situations, BookMyEssay is the most reliable and authentic assignment writing service that ensures the highest possible scores in the assignments.

The Perpetual Inventory System

Under the perpetual inventory system, a business entity constantly updates its inventory accounts for each transaction. Such transaction may be an addition to or subtractions from the inventory. Such transactions generally include –

  • Received items in the inventory.
  • Items sold from the stock.
  • Items dispatched from one inventory to another.
  • Items lost due to any reason.
  • Returned items.
  • Items scrapped or expired.

So, the advantage of perpetual inventory system are as follows –

  • Any time valuation of stock – As it is a continuous process, the value of closing stock could be known any time throughout the year.
  • Lesser storage expenses – As the stock is always known, so, there remains no need to keep maximum stocks of raw materials or final products. It reduces manufacturing cost from many aspects.
  • Helps in systematizing purchase policy – Inventory management becomes so systematized that the store manager could easily comprehend when a raw material may be required or when a finished product is to be stocked.
  • Immediate detection of thefts, leakages and scrap – As the perpetual inventory management is an ongoing process, the store manager gets immediate information of any kind of loss of goods or raw materials.
  • Good management of working capital – As the store manager could control the entire system with lower levels of stocks at any point of time, unnecessary capital is not locked in the inventory. This leads to good utilization of investment.

Thus, it can be aid that the perpetual inventory is the most scientific and effective method for tracking inventory, If properly managed.

The system becomes the least erroneous when coupled with a computer database of inventory. There are many updated devices, technology and, software available which are used by the business houses these days to control their stocks through perpetual inventory system. In fact, without the help of the technology, it is not possible to maintain the inventory in this way flawlessly.

As such, some disadvantages of this inventory maintenance system are as follows –

  • Higher cost of implementation – This system cannot be managed manually. Hence, the installation cost is quite high and the people involved in this system requires proper training to handle the technology.
  • Mismatch in physical counting and inventory showed in the books of accounts – It is the most obvious problem that the business houses face while using this system for inventory management. Practically, it is not possible to count every unit every time the system updates the inventory. Thus, the possible loss of materials may not come into notice immediately.

However, as a whole this system is too useful and perfect for the smaller and medium sized organizations.

Perpetual Inventory assignments

The assignments on perpetual inventory are given on many types of topics. Such assignments may be related to the retail industry, shipping industry, small scale manufacturing industry, and even a particular department of a big business house, etc. In any case, assignments of perpetual inventory are quite complex and require a complete knowledge on the system.

Students need to invest much time while handling these assignments on their own. But, in most of the cases, very limited time is given by the examiners, so, it becomes a tough affair for the students.

Again, there are many students who have not yet grasped the subject completely. The application of a software and technical devices in this system is undoubtedly a complex affair which needs much time to understand.

In such situation, writers, expert in handling these assignments become a source of great relief for these students.

Help with Perpetual Inventory Assignment Writing

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