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Perception is a word derived from the act of perceiving, which hints the towards how an individual evaluates and responds to the external environment. Stating simpler words, it is a process wherein an individual observes, registers, selects, organises, comprehend and attach a meaning to the things / situation existing in the environment. It is defined as an intellectual, or psychological process and is highly subjective in nature perception of different people varies in each situation. Access the online Perception assignment help from us and get score high in your academics

Difference Between Perception and Sensation

Sensation is defined as the response send by the physical sensory created by an organ such as vision, smell, hearing, and taste. The senses are barraged by stimuli and reactions that take place in an organ. The situations can differ and sensations can travel from ear to sound, eye to colour, nose to smell and so on. Once sensation occurs, perception find its base. In trust sense, perception comes at much advanced stage of sensation. It finds its comprehension on the sensory raw data and is determined by an organisms physiological and psychological features.

Defining the Perceptual Process in Perception

As stated above it is a process wherein an individual receives, chooses, structures, evaluates and sends reactions to stimuli. In such process stimuli works as input leading to the output in the form of behaviour/action of a person. The entire process happens in certain stages which are described below.

  • Accepting the Stimuli: It is first stage, where an individual acknowledges the presence of stimuli that can enter from various sources majorly through the sensory organs. Such stimuli can be external in the form of light, sound waves or internal that can be throbbing of a vein or muscles tension
  • Stimuli Selection: Out of all the stimuli data received, only a few is registered by the human brain. Majorly two types of factors make an impact on the stimuli selection that is used for further processing including both external (intensity of stimuli with respect to movement, size, occurrences) and internal (the nature of perceiver, education, background, learning, etc). the selection of stimuli is majorly based on the objects that interest receiver also known as the ‘selective perception’.
  • Stimuli Organisation: Once the stimuli are filtered and selected as per individuals, the data received gets processed and is organised by 3 ways. These include Grouping, Closure and Simplification. Grouping involves bunching together the data basis similarity or immediacy. Closure is done to complete the incomplete data or make complete ideas by filling up the gaps to make the entre chunk meaningful. Simplification is the last step of stimuli organisation wherein people recognise the major stimulus features and evaluates their organization.

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Listing down the External / Internal Perceptual Factors

As a matter of fact, there are many aspects that influence the perception of an individual. Here in we will list the major external as well as internal factors that include:

  • Motion: An object in movement is tend to send immediate signals to brain in contract to a non-moving object.
  • Newness and Familiarity: An external situation that is new or more relatable to the perceiver will collect more attention.
  • Size – A larger size is proven to gather much more attention of the perceiver
  • Rate of Repetition: External stimulus that happen more often or at a repeated pace will gather more attention. This principle is used by advertisers to market their offering and get a place in customer’s mind.
  • Power: A sound, light or door that is high in intensity is tend to gain more attention of the perceiver.
  • Play of Contrast: External factors which are unique such as advertisement written in bold letter, a person with unique features, extremely short or tall heighted people fetch more attention.

Internal Factors Comprise of the Following:

  • Self-concept: The idea of perceiving oneself express a great deal about how one sees the world and things around him/her. This also makes an impression on the perpetual selection.
  • Personal Values: This has a major influence on one’s perception.
  • Emotional Needs: A person feeling happy will see the things around him in a sportive light whereas a person feeling tension or uneasiness will experience different stimuli.

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