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Penetration Testing Assignment Help by Professionals

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing or ethical hacking or pen testing is the practice to test a computer system, web application or network to find out security vulnerabilities, which an attacker may exploit. Penetration testing may be performed manually or automated with the software application. The process includes information gathering regarding the target, identifying entry points, reporting the findings, and trying to break in real or in virtual. The online Penetration Testing assignment help experts offer you help related to complicated essays, questions, case studies, and reporting for academic success.

The objective of penetration testing is identifying security weaknesses. This testing can be used for testing the security policy of an organization, adherence to employees’ security awareness, compliance requirements, and the ability of an organization to respond to security issues. We at BookMyEssay deliver every assignment with complete uniqueness. We check for plagiarism consistently before the assignments are submitted to you. This makes sure that our experts’ work is completely original. Every academic assignment is checked with plagiarism detection tool. Our online tutors are well-versed with the university guidelines and they follow every referencing and citation style. We guarantee top academic grades when you avail our Penetration Testing homework assignment help online.

Penetration Testing- An Overview

Penetration testing or Pen Testing is a cyber attack against the computer system for checking exploitable vulnerabilities. In web application security, pen testing is used to augment WAF or web application firewall. Pen testing may involve an attempted breach of several application systems including frontend/backend servers, application protocol interfaces to uncover vulnerabilities including unsanitized inputs, which are susceptible to injection attacks.

There are dozens of important aspects of penetration testing that need your utmost focus. Writing or developing an assignment in this field is really challenging for the students and trainees in this field. Your contact with BookMyEssay’s Penetration Testing case study assignment help can be very fruitful when your topics look unapproachable or you are facing some other issues.

The main goal of penetration testing is identifying weak spots in the security posture of an organization, measuring compliance of security policy, testing the awareness of staff regarding security issues and deciding how an organization will be subjected to security disasters. This test can highlight the weaknesses in the security policy of a company. Although the security policy stresses in detection and prevention of an attack on the enterprise, it will not include the process to prevent a hacker.

The reports generated from the pen test provide the feedback required by an organization to prioritize its investment plans. The reports may help application developers in creating more secure apps. If developers know how hackers entered the applications they have helped to develop, they motivate developers and improve their education related to security in the order they do not repeat the mistake in future.

Organizations must perform penetration testing on a regular basis once a year to make sure consistent IT management and network security. Additionally, conducting assessments and regulatory analysis, this test can run in an organization:

  • Adding new network applications or infrastructure
  • Making significant modifications or upgrades to its infrastructure or applications
  • Applies security patches
  • Establishes offices in a new location
  • Modifies the end-user policy

Pen testers use automated tools for uncovering standard application vulnerabilities. These tools can scan code to identify malicious code that may result in a security breach. Pen testing tools test data encryption techniques and identify values including passwords and usernames. Penetration testing tools should:

  • Easy to configure, deploy, or use
  • Scan system easily
  • Categorize vulnerabilities depending on severity; that should be fixed instantly.
  • Re-verify earlier exploits
  • Capable of verifying the vulnerabilities
  • Generating detailed vulnerability logs and reports.

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