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Pathology Assignment Help
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Pathology Assignment Help

Pathology is an essential part of undergraduate study in medicines. The study of pathology involves examination of various diseases and processes such as infections, wound healing and cancer. Students are taught to pinpoint the discrepancies in a sample under examination and differentiate between normal and abnormal cells, tissues and organs. There are multiples of devices used for pathological tests, students are also given expert knowledge on those devices. There are certain undergraduate and postgraduate courses available on pathology where students are taught to understand different diseases and their symptoms through pathological investigations. Such diseases include meningitis, tuberculosis, auto-immune diseases, congenital diseases, a variety of cancers, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, asthma, musculoskeletal diseases and many other infectious diseases. Assignments are part and parcel of all these medical and pathological courses. That is why, students often contact us for obtaining professional academic assignment writing assistance from the writers appointed by BookMyEssay.

An Overview of Pathology as a Professional Stream of Study

Like any other medical streams, pathology is the medical specialty related to the study of the nature and sources of ailments. It supports every stream of medicine through diagnostic testing and monitoring of chronic diseases. The professionals in this field also undertake latest genetic research, diagnostic studies and blood transfusion technologies to help the doctors in their respective treatment procedures.

In fact, pathological study looks for the following answers –

  • How and why the disease has developed?
  • What will be development process of the disease in the next couple of days or months?
  • What other complications have already grown or may grow with a fixed period of time?

Presently, there are the following major streams of pathology –

  • Anatomical Pathology – This is mainly involved the study of tissues for diagnosing the extent and nature of disease or whether any disease is present or not.
  • Chemical pathology – It is the broadest aspect of pathology. It takes into account all types of fluids present in the body for diagnosing a disease. The bodily fluids like blood, serum, enzymes, etc. are analyzed with the help of certain chemicals to come to a conclusion regarding the presence and extent of a disease.
  • Clinical Pathology – A clinical pathologist deals with all major aspects of clinical branches of laboratory medicines. This specialist is trained in all aspects of pathology like microbiology, cytology, haematology and many more, bur his or her knowledge is not as intensive as the specialists in these fields. A clinical pathologist functions almost like a General pathologist, but unlike general pathologist they don’t undertake anatomical pathological tests.
  • Microbiology – This stream of pathology deals with the diseases caused by different types of infections such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, etc. Microbiologists have been getting more importance these days since they are also frequently called for patient care.
  • Haematology – This is another rapidly emerging discipline which mainly deals with many aspects and diseases directly related to the blood such as anemia, blood clotting, thrombosis, leukemia, lymphoma, etc.
  • General pathology – As the name suggests, a General Pathologist is acquainted with the all major aspects of laboratory based diagnosis that are required to treat any all types of patients every now and then. A General pathologist is trained in anatomical pathology, chemical pathology, microbiology, cytology, hematology and blood banking.

Pathology Assignment Writing Help

It is obvious from the above discussion that students may be given assignments on pathology from different topics. Students who are doing specializations on certain streams are given assignments from that particular streams only, while other students, like students who are studying clinical pathology or general pathology may be given assignments from any topics included in their course curriculum. Pathology, as a subject is very vast and critical one. A student needs to have knowledge on the characteristics of the diseases, and characteristics of fluids and organs in order handle these assignments efficiently.

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