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An introduction to Pashto

Pashto also called Pashtu, Pakhto, and Pushto belongs to the Indian-European language family. This language is spoken in Afganistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and also by a huge part comprising India, United Arab Emirates, Iran, the United States, and the United Kingdom. It is spoken by more than 50 million people all over the world. Many students studying in different colleges and universities look for Pashto assignment help from BookMyEssay. 6 million people speak Southern Pasto in Afghanistan. It is an official language of Afghanistan together with Dari.

Although Pashto and Dari have equal status, many feel that Pasto language is discriminated and complain Dari being the dominant language in the judiciary and official proceedings of the Afghan government. At BookMyEssay, we have Pashto experts who have in-depth knowledge regarding this topic. All our tutors are knowledgeable and well qualified and many years of experience in this language. You can submit us your requests and we will deliver the solutions within the deadline given by you. Our experts are available round-the-clock and they offer you with the qualitative results and the best facilities. Availing Pashto research paper writing service from us can surely help you score top grades in the related academic course.

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Pashto – An Overview

Pasto is an ethnic group, which has lived for many years in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is the official language of Afganistan along with Dari. Dari language is descended from Persian. These two languages have coexisted for centuries in Afghanistan. Historically, many Pashtuns spoke Pashto. Dari was spoken by Afghan elite such as the ruling class and the kings. During the early nineties, this language became the symbol of an Afghan community. Therefore, the ruling class studies both languages. In 1936, Pashto became one of the official languages of Pakistan. However, even these days, 80 percent of government communication is made in Dari. Children education is available in both the languages but many universities teach in Dari only.

There are almost twice as many Pashto speakers as there are Dutch speakers. Almost 40-50 million people worldwide speak Pashto. Dutch has just 21 million speakers. Apart from Afghanistan, 9.6 million of the population speak this language in Pakistan. Linguistically, Pashto and Arabic are very different, but, if you do not speak any of these two languages, you can mistake written Pashto for Arabic as they use almost the same script. As the languages are different from one other, Pashto is a modified version of Naskh along with additional characters that produce certain sounds, which Pashto has but Arabic does not. This is the reason Pashto alphabet has 44 letters but a standard Arabic has just 28 letters. When you translate from English to Pashto, you may have to make design changes to adjust the various scripts. You should take care to use compatible fonts. Or else display errors may turn a great translation into rubbish.

The way Pashto is spoken differs by region. Depending on the source that you consult, there are mainly two or three dialect groups:

  • Northern Pasto- spoken in Pakistan
  • Southern Pashto- spoken in Afganistan
  • Central Pashto-spoken in Pakistan. Some sources even divide this language into Southern and Northern.

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