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Overdrafts Assignment Help: What You Need to Know About Overdrafts?

Bank overdrafts are the quickest means of financing in short-term that the bank renders. An overdraft enables you to get access to additional funds by means of a transaction up to the permitted limit of the overdraft, thereby not letting overdrawn or dishonor fees happen. It is basically a service that allows the bank to permit the holder of the current account to overdraw their accounts by a stated limit.

In case of the non-arrangement of an overdraft service by the bank in advance, there is a charge incurred known as account overdrawn fee when the balance of the account is less than zero. Generally, the clients make use of bank overdraft service to fulfill requirements in an emergency. Bank overdrafts are the most popular type of borrowing and require no formalities in black and white. In addition, the bank charges an extremely low interest rate on the overdraft for a certain period. The service of bank overdraft does not really lead to the flowing of cash into a business. Rather, the business has the permission to allow its bank account to get overdrawn up to a certain maximum amount.

For instance, a business may figure out that it anticipates having a dearth of £15,000 in cash in a month because of the payment of wages and suppliers. As per the permission of the bank, it is possible to use the overdraft service temporarily to derive the cash from the bank.

Basically, the bank states a pre-determined credit limit or borrowing under the overdraft or cash credit form of finance. It is possible for the borrower to borrow up to the stated limit of credit and within the stated limit. Therefore, it is possible to have any number of drawings to the amount of one’s requirements. In the same manner, it is possible to make the repayments whenever the borrower possesses adequate funds during the time period. The amount actually loaned out by the borrower and not the stated limit determines the interest. However, a minimal commitment price may be payable on the unused balance regardless of the level of borrowing for using the service.

Bank overdraft has certain advantages and disadvantages. Let us take a look at both:


  • Bank overdrafts do not include any documentation to extend the amount of the overdraft.
  • Bank overdrafts execute minimal interest on the amount of the overdraft.
  • Bank overdrafts charge fee just on the amount that exceeds the limit of the account.
  • Bank overdrafts help a business that cash flows moving in and out a number of times within a month.


  • Bank overdrafts incur high charges for the patrons in case they are not able to pay the amount of the overdraft for an extended period of time.
  • Bank overdrafts obstruct the prestige of a business in case the business is not able to pay the amount of the overdraft in time.
  • Bank overdrafts enable the bank to subtract the amount of overdraft from the accounts of the customers with no permission.
  • Bank overdrafts come at a cost, which is generally greater than the other means of borrowing.

Overdrafts are not a permanent service that businesses avail to fulfill their extremely short term cash requirements or shortage. It is important to remember that such a service incurs a high cost and is better to use as a temporary management of assets or an activity in an emergency instead of a regular activity of funding.

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