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Operation Research Center Assignment Help

The field or subject of Operations Research or simply OR came into picture at the time of World War II. The military operations carried out during the war formed the basis for the concept behind Operations Research. Owing to the planned, crucial, and complex operations that the war involved, it is not feasible to expect viable solutions from an individual in one specific discipline. As a result, a team of individuals get together from diversified disciplines, such as economics, mathematics, probability theory, statistics, and others to provide solutions for complex tactical problems occurring in several military operations.

After World War II, the applications of Operations Research did not remain limited to military operations. A few of the scientists who were present in the group during the war developed the OR theory and approach to apply different methods to a number of fields, such as industry, business, R&D, and other numerous non-military operations. George B Dantzig played a vital role in developing Operations Research after the end of the war. He worked on the development of the theory of Linear Programming and developed a method for solving problems of programming called Simplex Method. Furthermore, a number of other tools, for instance, Inventory Theory, Queuing Theory, Statistical Quality Control, and Dynamic Programming came into existence.

The field of OR includes a variety of models to solve problems of decision making. A few of those models are Symbolic Models, Physical Models, Normative or Optimization Models, Descriptive Models, Predictive Models, Static Models, Deterministic Models, Dynamic Models, Analytical Models, Probabilistic or Stochastic Models, and Simulation Models. Students who are facing while writing can contact BookMyEssay’s online assignment writers and get Operations Research Center assignment help.

However, the following three methods are most common to solve the OR models:

  • Deductive or Analytical method: This method makes use of certain graphs and mathematical calculations as part of a method of classical optimization to solve OR problems.
  • Monte Carlo method: This method involves inspecting a mathematical model by applying a number of values to the variables of decision making at different points of time and under different situations. And then it includes finding their impact on the standard used for variables.
  • Numerical or Iterative method: This method primarily replaces Analytical method when the latter is not able to render better solutions to the problem due to its complexity owing to different factors including complex restrictions or constraints and numerical calculations to implement to obtain the required solutions.

The primary benefits of using such OR models or methods are to save a good amount of time and efforts by developing and working on apt models in a logical and steady manner. Specifically, it is important for the decision maker to understand different parts of the problem prior to choosing a mathematical model to solve a given problem easily and to obtain the right Operation Research Center assignment writing solution for the same.

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