One and Two Way Communication Assignment Help

One and Two Way Communication Assignment Help
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One and Two Way Communication Assignment Help

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Communication plays a significant role in the lives of students as well as teachers. For teachers to ensure that they are able to get their message across effectively, one vital tool is authentic communication. There are two major types of communication, namely one-way and two-way. Both are extremely crucial forms of communication.

One-way communication caters to two primary purposes. The first one is sharing information. And another one is reaching out to students to give them reminders that their teachers are there. A number of students together with their parents make use of this kind of communication as a method of reaching back to the teachers.

It is important to push information out so well that parents and students are comfortable seeing it and thus start taking interest into the same. The usually recommended frequency is one or two times a week. However, it is not advisable to stick to just one avenue of communication. There are of course email newsletters, announcements, automated voicemail messages, forum posts, video announcements, text messaging services and others. It is important to note that while handling the one-way communication, one needs to make sure that the information reaches the right destination. The assumption that students are going to get the information themselves is not advisable. Therefore, it is crucial for teachers to figure out the way students are going to read the necessary email messages, follow Twitter updates, or watch the videos.

In a conventional classroom, it is not possible to stand before a lecture each day. The teacher surely has to lead the discussions happening in the class. And sometimes, the teacher needs to invest quality time with students on an individual basis. These are the times when teachers are able to develop and maintain authentic relationships and communication.

In addition, email messages are often the simplest means of communicating with students. However, a number of students do not turn to emails on a regular basis. The teacher can either enroll students when they join a program or find a different means of communicating. There is also texting that is generally a full-fledged way of reaching students individually. However, there are many teachers who are not that keen on making use of their cell phones to send text messages to students or even parents. A good alternative can be setting up a Google Voice account allowing the students to send or receive texts in any quantity.

There is also a great need to ensure that there are different forum discussions enabling students to engage with one another and with the teacher. Some teachers like observing students while they take part in forums. However, it is a teacher’s job to guide students and drive them to lead to meaningful conversations. Furthermore, it is absolutely crucial to not overlook the traditional power of communications done face to face.

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