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Oligopoly Assignment Help Online

Definition of Oligopoly Market

Oligopoly is a term that calls for market study wherein imperfect competition exists. In such of competition, only a handful of firms aim to sell product in the scenario of stiff competition as compared to counterparts. It is an important market structure which is availed in actual life scenario. It is aimed at automobiles production, churning out of electronic products, along with consumer foods like vegetable oils, baby food, soft drinks that is catered under the category of market structure.

Oligopoly assignment help includes firms that are engaged in producing goods which are enlisted in the below categories:

  • Homogeneous Products: In this, companies churn out uniform items which are also tagged as Pure or Perfect Oligopoly. These are inclusive of manufacturers who manufacture commercial items like steel, aluminium, zinc, iron, copper, and so on
  • Heterogeneous Products: Under this market, companies churn out heterogeneous items which are also known as imperfect or differentiated Oligopoly. This kind of Oligopoly is existing to manufacture the durable goods.

Monopoly and Perfect Competition Working in Synch with Oligopoly

Oligopolies is a concept that is categorised in 2 extremes that fall within competitors that include Ideal Competitors and Monopolies. While working in a monopoly environment, a single business or entity has complete control or authority in the given marketplace and set prices as they like. In other market scenario that is perfect competition has a wide spectrum of close competitors wherein buyers have multiple choices, so that sellers and purchasers have the option of fixing different rates which is based on requirements.  Students who want to get detailed information about this subject, can take help form BookMyEssay writers. They offer the best assignment writing help on Oligopoly Subject.

Characteristics of an Oligopoly

  • Interdependence of firms: In an oligopoly market, only a handful of firms exist in the market. Owing to limited firms count, all the buyers and sellers are aware of marketing actions as well as important tactics of firms that are present in the market. Each firm that has a dominant market structure has the authority to take possible actions so that other firms have knowledge of their actions.
  • Profit Maximisation: Oligopoly is a market condition to maximise the profit margins. As a core fundamental objective, it helps in planning as well as implementing high end operations. In an Oligopoly market structure along with influential ability to affect the product prices, wherein the price maximisation process is set easier.
  • Price Makers: Similar to Monopoly Market Structure, the Oligopoly marketers are Price Maker or Price Setter. Owing to limited numbers, these sellers implement reasonable control over clients. This enables to effect pricing mechanism.
  • Strict barriers on the companies to enter & exit of the market structure: Owing to strict government regulations that offers access to R&D. It also presents licensing laws and acts that are difficult to enter / exit an Oligopoly market.
  • Limited number of sellers: In an Oligopoly market which is featured with a few number of sellers.
  • Product Differentiation: Such kind of market features products that is different from one other that carries heterogeneous composition.
  • Competition is held on the various basis: Not similar to other market structures, competition exists within the firm that are based on many other factors other than price. These factors include R&D achievements and support of customer service.

All the above-listed factors that are important to deal with exact consumers who operate in oligopoly. These are described in homework and assignments that carry a range of components which is inclusive in the form of exact market structure diagrams and curves. Assignment essay help on Oligopoly offered by this site is high end and is availed by students based worldwide.

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