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OLAP is a Power BI Technology

OLAP or Online Analytical Processing is a powerful technology behind several BI (Business Intelligence) applications. This technology is mainly for data discovery such as capabilities for report viewing, complicated analytical calculations, and predictive scenario planning. Students struggling with this topic often ask for OLAP assignment help online from BookMyEssay. OLAP performs business data analysis and offers the capability for complicated calculations, sophisticated data modeling, and trend analysis. It is the basis for several kinds of business applications for Planning, Budgeting, Business Performance management, Forecasting, Analysis, Financial Reporting, Simulation Models, Data Warehouse Reporting, and Knowledge Discovery. It allows end-users to do ad ho data analysis in several dimensions thus offering the understanding and insight they require for good decision making. The online experts of BookMyEssay offer the students the best quality assignment provider services because of their knowledge and expertise. They put a lot of effort to compose Online Analytical Processing assignments; they do in-depth research and proofread several times so the chances of grammatical errors are zero. They always maintain the deadline so that students can go through the assignments before final submission. Availing OLAP homework and assignment help from us can definitely help you to secure top grades.

When Students Seek Expert Assistance?

Everyone wants to submit impeccable assignments and targets high grades. But, due to different reasons, you may fail to secure high scores every time. You have lots of other tasks that you need to complete in time. You also have regular classes and other programs. So, whenever writing or completing an assignment seems tough just contact our experts associated with OLAP case study assignment help. Remember, we are providing professional assistance at affordable rates.

OLAP- An Overview

Online Analytical Processing or OLAP is a computing method, which enables users to selectively and easily query and extract data to analyze it from various viewpoints. OLAP business intelligence queries help in financial reporting, trend analysis, budgeting, sales forecasting, and other financial purposes. Data is collected from several data sources and then stored in a data warehouse and thereafter organized and cleansed into data cubes. Every OLAP cube has data that are categorized by dimensions including geographic sales region, customers, and time period. Dimensions are thereafter populated by members such as countries, customer names, and months, which are organized hierarchically. OLAP cubes are pre-summarized in dimensions to improve query time over relational databases.


All successful decisions are based on knowledge. Successful businesses constantly plan, report on sales, and operational activities analyze to attain maximum efficiency, gain larger market share, and reduce expenditures. Statisticians may say you that if you have more data than your resulting statistic shall be true. A company can access more data regarding a particular activity and the plan for improving the activity will be more effective. The business collects data through different systems and the challenge is how to gather data together for creating reliable, accurate, and quick information regarding business. OLAP technology has the ability to attain quick access to multi-dimensional information. This technology can create fast calculations and aggregations of underlying data sets, you can understand its usefulness and can help business leaders to make quick and better-informed decisions.

Types of OLAP

There are three different types of OLAP. Our experts associated with OLAP assignment paper help keep professional knowledge on all the below mentioned types of OLAP:

  • Multidimensional OLAP or MOLAP– It is a kind of OLAP that stores a summary of detail or aggregate data in a multidimensional database structure.
  • Relational OLAP or ROLAP– It is a kind of OLAP where multidimensional data can be stored in a relational database including an ORACLE table or SAS table. ROLAP’s scalability is more compared to other OLAP types.
  • Hybrid OLAP or HOLAP– Here MOLAP and ROLAP are combined. This combination results in a very small amount of data storage.

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