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Online Oceans and Fisheries Assignment Help

Do you need help with your oceans and fisheries assignment? BookMyEssay can certainly help you at extremely cost effective prices with the Oceans and Fisheries assignment help. Let us first delve a little deeper into oceans and fisheries.

A fishery is a region having an aquatic or fish population harvested for making money. Fisheries are of two types, farmed and wild. The ocean consists of a majority of the wild fisheries of the world. As per the statistics, oceans cover almost 71 percent of the surface of the Earth. There are five oceans that cover the Earth’s surface, namely, Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Pacific Ocean in the increasing order of size. And the Pacific Ocean contributes more than 70 percent of the world catch from the sea.

When it comes to fisheries, the harvesting is done mainly for the commercial value. The fishes can be freshwater, saltwater, farmed or wild. A few examples include the cod fishery from the Lofoten islands, the shrimp farm fisheries in China, the salmon fishery of Alaska, and the tuna fishery of the Eastern Pacific. The classification of capture fisheries includes small scale, industrial scale, and recreational. Most fisheries are actually wild fisheries; however, farmed fisheries are on the rise. In coastal areas, farming can take place but it generally occurs inland, such as in tanks, ponds, lakes, and other kinds of enclosures.

Arctic Ocean: This ocean is the shallowest and the smallest of all major oceans. Sea ice largely covers this ocean all through the year, and North America and Eurasia almost fully surround this ocean. With the melting and freezing of the ice cover, the salinity and temperature of the Arctic Ocean change as per the seasons. On an average of the five major seas, the salinity of this ocean is the lowest. The reasons are heavy inflow of fresh water from streams and rivers, low evaporation, outflow to surrounding oceanic waters with greater salinities, and limited connections. In addition, the icepack tends to shrink by about 50 percent in summer.

Southern Ocean: This ocean is the 4th largest ocean having only some areas where water is shallow. The Antarctic Continental Shelf is unusually deep and narrow. The Antarctic Circumpolar Current chases and joins itself, thereby moving continually eastward. The ocean comprises several fauna types, such as whales, squid, krill, seals, and different fish.

Indian Ocean: This ocean is the third largest ocean having almost 20 percent of the water on the surface of the Earth. The continental shelves of the ocean are narrow. Due to the warmth of this ocean, the production of phytoplankton remains low except in some scattered spots or along the northern fringes. Fishing is restricted to subsistence levels. The fish in this ocean are quite important for the domestic consumption or export by the bordering countries.

Atlantic Ocean: This ocean is the 2nd largest ocean covering almost one-fifth of the surface of the Earth. The ocean possesses a few of richest fishing resources in the world, specifically the waters that cover the shelves. The major species of fish are haddock, cod, herring, hake, and mackerel. The Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Georges Bank off Cape Cod, Nova Scotia, the waters around Iceland, the Falkland Banks, and the Bahama Banks are the most productive areas. There are several global treaties to reduce the different forms of pollution due to the threats to the environment of the ocean by marine debris, oil spills, and toxic wastes at sea.

Pacific Ocean: This ocean is the largest of all oceans. The ocean extends from the Arctic ocean to Antarctica and is larger than the entire area of the Earth’s surface. This ocean consists of 25000 islands and the majority of those to the south of the equator. The greatest asset of this land is its fish. The ocean yields salmon, herring, snapper, sardines, tuna, swordfish, and shellfish.

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