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An Introduction to Novell NetWare

Novell Netware is a powerful network operating system available in the market. It is infinitely scalable and can support multiple client platforms. Companies bigger than a hundred stations run NetWare, it enjoys success in various kinds of networks. Network administrators and IT managers trust and know NetWare because of many years of trustworthy services received from the existing Novell installations. It is built on two decades of reliability and performance improvements. It supports development tools and open source applications while depending on networking services. BookMyEssay is the ultimate choice if you want to avail Novell NetWare assignment help. Novell NetWare offers you the best framework and best platform to run your enterprise reliably. At BookMyEssay, we have employed online experts who can help you to secure good grades in your assignments. We compose the networking assignments from the beginning so the chances of any error are zero. We assure to deliver the services on time without compromising on quality. We understand the importance of timely submission and therefore we never delay to submit them. Our online assignment writers always do in-depth research so when you take our Novell Netware case study assignment help you will receive the highest quality assignments.

Novell Netware – A Summary

Network downtime causes pain and results in thousands and millions of dollar losses for an hour downtime. Every network administrator should have a fallback plan when it happens. Business should run as usual. The business continuity services offered in Netware dispels that pain. Novell Netware includes new server consolidation servers, updated administration tools, improved branch office, advanced clustering for greater availability of a network resource, significant improvements in management storage, and stronger directory services. The assignments you will normally get from the institute or university will test your ability is building a smooth sailing network. You may also be asked to solve certain issues related to this field. So, be prepared for any kinds of assignments. However, you always have to option to contact our Novell NetWare essay assignment help team and resolve all your issues related to your assessment.


Novell Netware is popular in huge networks (Where there are over 20 servers) due to the features including centralized administration of users and properties. The important features include the following:

  • Simple user interface
  • Directory service
  • Minimal hardware needs
  • Scalable hardware support
  • Third-party support
  • Interoperability with various computer systems

NetWare is always an excellent file, directory, and print server, however, after the acquisition of several Java technologies including GUI or Hjava graphical interface has begun to capture the application server market. All these features make NetWare a great choice in the file, directory, and print environments.

Client Support

Novell NetWare supports a huge range of clients. For facilitating this, it developed a client software that permits many client operating system to take benefit of NetWare features.


Netware is a flexible NOSes and it can communicate with any computing environment that includes the following:

  • Windows 95/98Me
  • Mac OS
  • Windows 2000/NT/XP
  • VMS
  • UNIX
  • OS/400
  • OS/2

When each one of these operating systems wants to communicate with the NetWare server, it appears as if it were a member of that network.


The main kinds of directory services are as follows:

  • Bindery
  • NDS or Novell Directory Services
  • EDirectory
  1. Bindery- It is a simple and flat database of groups, users, and security information that stays on a server. It is available in NetWare versions before version 4.
  2. Novell Directory Services or NDS- It provides access to a hierarchical and global database of a network entity. It is found in version 4This database is replicated and distributed to the NetWare servers.
  3. Edirectory- It is an extension of NDS. Its current version is called Edirectory.

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