Normalization and Data Modelling Assignment Help

Normalization and Data Modelling Assignment Help
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Normalization and Data Modelling Assignment Help

Working on computer science assignments? BookMyEssay is your helping hand. We provide assignment help services in a number of areas pertaining to the subject of computer science. Our Normalization and Data Modeling assignment help is one of the most sought after by students. We have a team of experts who are thorough with computer science subjects and can help with anything and everything.

Data Normalization

Databases allow modeling a constructive solution of a number of types, such as Relational, Network, and Hierarchical. However, the most common of these types at present are relational databases. Almost all big businesses make use of relational databases to maintain data model designs effectively, efficiently, and easily.

Basically, data normalization is the process of managing data in the form of tables so that the generated results are always clear and desired. This kind of normalization is inherent to relational database. As a result, it can lead to the duplication of data inside the database, thereby resulting in additional tables.

While data normalization can lead to the increase in data duplication, it does not surely bring data redundancy into the picture, thus avoiding inessential data.  Data normalization is a process of refining data after finding out the data objects initially.

Data normalization includes a few primary objectives:

  • Minimizing data redundancy
  • Helping in the implementation of referential integrity
  • Minimizing data restructuring in databases
  • Minimizing input output with the help of decreased transaction size

Some of the common terms used in the relational database type include the following:

  • Entity: This is a logical group of diversified essential and relevant objects of the database.
  • Primary Key: This is an attribute or a group of attributes that can easily figure out each unique element of the entity.
  • Attribute: This is a descriptive characteristic of the entity.
  • Foreign Key: This is an attribute or a group of attributes that are basically primary key in the parent entity.

Data Modeling

Data modeling is a way of documenting an intricate software system design in the form of an easy to understand diagram by making use of symbols and text to depict the way of data flow. It is possible to use the diagram as a prototype for creating new software or for recreating an old application.

Generally, the study and the strategy stages of a project make use of data models to understand the requirements of a new application. A data model is basically a flowchart to demonstrate the relationships between data. Capturing of all relationships that are possible in a data model is indeed a step that consumes a lot of time. However, it is a crucial step that needs its time. Data models that are physical, logical, and well-documented enable stakeholders to figure out errors and make modifications before writing a programming code.

Moreover, professionals who perform data modeling often use a number of models for viewing the same data and for ensuring that they have identified all entities, processes, data flows, and relationships. Data modeling involves different approaches, as follows:

  • Conceptual data modeling: This data modeling finds the highest level relationships among diversified entities.
  • Enterprise data modeling: This data modeling takes after conceptual data modeling; however, it addresses the exclusive requirements of a particular venture.
  • Logical data modeling: This data modeling demonstrates the particular attributes, entities, and relationships of a business function. It also forms the basis of the conception of the physical data model.
  • Physical data modeling: This data modeling depicts an application and implementation specific to database pertaining to a logical model.

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