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Network Planning Assignment Help
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Network Planning Assignment Help

Network Planning is a process that encompasses network synthesis, topological design, and network realization. Its aim is to make sure that new telecommunications service or network meets the requirements of an operator and a subscriber. This process can be custom-made as per each new service or network. A traditional network planning regarding business decisions includes five layers of planning such as resource assessment, IT resource, medium-term and long-term network planning, maintenance and operations, and short-term network planning. BookMyEssay is the right platform if you are looking for an efficient Network Planning assignment help. We have highly trained assignment experts who are specialized in network planning. Our professional assignment providers deliver 100 percent original assignments that are completely error-free and plagiarism-free. Our experts do thorough research before composing an assignment and therefore you can be assured of receiving a premium quality assignment. Our Network Planning experts work in according to the university guidelines and this aspect can help you to score good academic grades once you avail our Network Planning case study writing help. Our online tutors make sure that all assignments are delivered prior to the deadline so that they can proofread them.

Network Planning- A Synopsis

Writing or developing assignments in this genre of information technology is always a daunting job. Students often look for Network Planning research paper writing help to accomplish their assignment writing task efficiently. Computer Network Planning includes the following steps:

  • Identification of applications you want to use – Computer networking may need diverse environments including ERM or Enterprise Resource Management, Instant Messaging, Internet telephony, email, and others.
  • Traffic requirements – Traffic requirements include multiple factors. Some of the points are as follows:
    1. Documentation and identification of traffic sources
    2. Traffic categorization as distributed, local, peer-to-peer, client/server, or server/server.
    3. Bandwidth estimation needs for every application
    4. QoS or Quality of Service needs for every application
    5. Reliability requirements
  • Scalability requirements – Scalability is network growth, which should be supported. For the corporate network, this is a significant consideration. Provision should be made for adding applications, users, external network connections, and extra sites.
  • Geographical considerations – Consider the WAN and LAN links that you may need. Offices that are located at far away distances can be linked by a WAN. Building complexes that are located in a compound may be linked by a LAN. LAN links have high bandwidth and WAN has lower bandwidths.
  • Availability – Network availability should be given a thoughtful consideration when you design a network. It is the time for which this network is available to users and is often an important matter; Availability has a direct relationship with the redundancy that is needed. Another vital factor, which should be considered while computing availability needs, is a business loss to a company because of the unavailability of the network for an amount of time. A right balance should be there to maintain profitability.
  • Accessibility and security – Accessibility and security are important design phases. A security plan should be devised to meet the needed security applications. You should specify:
    1. The list of network services which will be offered including Web, FTP, e-mail, etc
    2. A person who will administer the security services
    3. How the training will be imparted on security procedures and policies
    4. Recovery plan when a security breach takes place.

You have to keep in-depth knowledge in all these matters if you are planning to write an impeccable essay assignment. However, you always have the opportunity to contact Network Planning assignment help for improvising your assignment writing ability.

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