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Network Model Assignment Help
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Network Model Assignment Help

BookMyEssay has been providing world class Network model assignment writing help for computer science students. It is considered as the most authentic way of representing database objects and their relationships. It is a tough subject, with a multiple of aspects that need special focus while writing an assignment. Every year, thousands of students from different parts of the world contact this premium assignment help service for making the job of Network Model Assignment easier, faster and impressive in every aspect.

What is “Network Model”?

A network modelling is a process of representing a database model that is planned as a flexible method for representing the objects in the database, and their interrelationships. Through this modelling technique, a software developer could establish the relationship between any two objects clearly.

An exclusive feature of the network model is its schema, which is observed as a diagram where relationship types are represented as arcs and object types are depicted through nodes.

Another important aspect of this database model is that unlike the schema of other the network models, it is not confined to be a matrix or hierarchy; in this hierarchical tree, it is replaced by a graph, which permits for more basic networks with the nodes.

Benefits of Network Model

The famous American computer scientist Charles Bachman proposed the concept of network model for the first time in 1969. The Conference on Data Systems Languages (CODASYL) Consortium standardized the network model for common use and also as a tool of software development. The second publication was introduced in 1971, which later turned into the basis for virtually all implementations.

Some of the benefits of network model are as follows:

  • This model is too simple to understand. It is just similar to a hierarchical model. Developers can easily establish the relationships among the objects in a database effortlessly.
  • This model enables the developers to establish relationship among one-to-one as also many-to-many relationships.
  • Developers find it the most authentic and easiest way to access data in comparison to a hierarchical model.
  • In a network model, data integrity always gets priority. Flow of data can be diagrammed more authentically keeping in view the importance of data integrity.

As a whole, the network model substitutes the hierarchical tree with a graph or diagram allowing more wide-ranging connections amongst the nodes. The fundamental difference of the network model from the hierarchical model, is its ability to define many to many relations elaborately. In other words, it permits a record to have more than one parent. In many situations, in an organizational set-up an employee works for two departments or more departments at a time. Any measure of the strict hierarchical model is not applicable in this condition. The strict hierarchical model is not possible and the hierarchical tree is more generalized. The network model is very much applicable in this unconventional environment. A network structure allows one: one, one: many, many: many relationships among entities.

While learning lesson on network model, computer science students also come to know about its various drawbacks:

  • Records are maintained with the help of the pointers. In fact, pointers are used everywhere in a network model. It makes the database structure more complex.
  • Huge numbers of pointers also make insertions, deletion, updates, and edit more complex.
  • Structural independence is lacking in a network model. A modification in network structure looks for a change in the application as well, which is lacking in many respect in the network model.

Some well-known database system that frequently uses network model system is as follows:

  • TurboImage
  • Integrated Data Store
  • RDM Server
  • Integrated Database Management System

Network Model Assignment Writing Help

Best network model assignment writing help service extended by BookMyEssay. There are several occasions in which students look for authentic network model assignment help service to complete their project on time, their search ends at the website of BookMyEssay. An expert writer ensures the following while writing an assignment:

  • They use the latest version of the model always. Changes are inevitable in computer science; an expert writer is recognized only through his or her expertise in utilizing the latest tools or features involved with a subject. The expert network model writers know how to approach a network model homework correctly with the help of the latest developments in this subject.
  • The expert writers know how to write a structurally correct assignment to impress an examiner.
  • These writers never fail the deadlines.
  • They always customize each assignment and ensure 100% plagiarism free writing.

Features of BookMyEssay

Following are the major reasons, why the assignment writing help of BookMyEssay is so popular among international students:

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