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Mutual Fund Assignment Help
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Mutual Fund Assignment Help

Mutual fund is one of the most dynamic modes of investment. Simply speaking, it is more professional way to investment money in shares of different companies, but more secured than dealing with shares in any stock exchange. A mutual fund company needs to have legal certificates from the appropriate authorities of a country, and it should have specific mutual fund schemes with prior approval from the authorities. Students of finance and accounts are often given assignments on mutual fund to test their professional knowledge on the subject, and also as a part of course curriculum. BookMyEssay provides professional Mutual Fund assignment help to students of finance and accounting for making the assignment writing job easier and faster for them.

Help on Writing Mutual Fund Assignment:

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Besides, the mutual fund assignment help writers also ensure 100% plagiarism free customized assignment in flawless English. BookMyEssay has engaged enough writers to provide utmost care to each student seeking any kind academic writing help in this subject. These writers are proficient in following the guidelines, so that examiners are highly impressed.

What is Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is an investment process, which is made up of a huge accumulation of funds collected from thousands of investors. In this investment process the accumulated fund is generally invested in different kinds of securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, etc. Mutual funds are managed by highly experienced by money managers, who possess up to date information about the money market. They invest the fund’s capital in different securities and try to produce capital gains and income for the investors. The portfolio of a mutual fund scheme is structured and maintained in commensurate with the objectives stated in its brochure.

A mutual fund company offers various schemes to the public, but each of the schemes normally possess its distinguishable features to attract different types of investors with different intention. People get attracted in mutual funds, because their investments are professionally managed in equities, bonds and other securities. It lessens the risk of directly investing in share markets. Funds accumulated for a scheme in mutual fund is invested in a wide variety of securities.

One of the main advantages of mutual funds is they give small investors access to professionally managed, diversified portfolios of equities, bonds and other securities. Each shareholder, therefore, participates proportionally in the gain or loss of the fund. Mutual funds invest in a wide amount of securities, and performance of the funds are tracked 24/7 for ensuring higher yields for the investors. Mutual Funds can be purchased or redeemed whenever need at the current NAV. The NAV of a fund is usually derived by dividing the total worth of the securities in the portfolio by the amount of shares outstanding.

Objectives and types of Mutual Funds:

As stated earlier, each type of mutual fund as its own objective. The investment objective is set by the fund manager and according to the objective of a mutual fund, the fund manager decides which stocks and bonds are to be included portfolio.

Following are the different types of mutual funds frequently offered to the public –

  • Money market funds – These funds mostly invest in securities that offer fixed return within a short period such as various government bonds, treasury bills, commercial paper and bank deposits. They are less risky and highly safe investments.
  • Fixed income funds – These funds invest in those funds where the return is fixed like government and corporate bonds.
  • Equity funds – In these funds, money is invested in stocks. Unlike money market funds or fixed income funds, these investments are meant for higher growth in short span. At the same time, the risk is also high than the above two funds.
  • Balanced funds – These are the most popular form of mutual fund schemes, and money is invested in secured bonds and risky securities in a balanced way.
  • Specialty funds – These funds emphasis on specialized sectors such as real estate, commodities, and government’s social welfare schemes.

Besides these different types of funds, there are scores of other aspects involved in mutual fund management that require equal attention. Students are given thorough knowledge on all these aspects, so that they can handle different mutual fund matters of their clients or companies where they will work more proficiently. Even, the assignments given to them includes complicated tasks that need in-depth knowledge on various aspects of mutual fund.

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