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In-Depth Knowledge is Required in Mixpanel

Mixpanel helps the world to find out knowledge by translating user behavior to unjust data. It is a leading platform of user analytics, it tracks interactions to surface information, which offers valuable insights that allow businesses in making smarter decisions, driving data-informed decisions and breaking down knowledgeable silos. Its headquarters are in San Fransico having offices in Seattle, New York, London, Salt Lake City, and Singapore. If you face difficulty in Mixpanel assignment help then BookMyEssay is the perfect platform. Writing an assignment on Mixpanel is challenging and if you are composing an assignment for the very first time you are bound to face several problems. You may lose out a lot of time to prepare and complete the documents. If you think you need an outstanding Mixpanel assignment paper help then BookMyEssay is there to remove all your worries that may arise from this topic. Our skilled experts put a lot of effort to provide you with an incredible Mixpanel case study assignment help. You can avail assignment help services from us to obtain high grades without facing any kind of trouble. We offer you 100% original and free of plagiarism assignments.

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Mixpanel- A Synopsis

Mixpanel is not about tracking aggregate data regarding page views like Google Analytics, Rather, you can send particular events to it when users do certain actions. This helps you in examining the way users interact in real-time with your site and connects the events to an individual user who performed it. It is simply great for improving usability, studying the way existing features are used. This is good particularly for startups who want to refine their Minimum Viable Product or MVP.

Mixpanel uses Google Container Engine and Google Cloud Platform to scale up its proprietary analytics services. Our experts associated with Mixpanel report writing service know how these all work. This way it maintains high reliability and excellent performances and keeps the focus of its engineers on innovation. Its mission is to help the world to learn from data and this is the reason for democratizing product analytics for web applications and mobile developers. It is a platform that can be used easily and allows everyone to understand the journey of every user. After gaining an in-depth understanding of the way users interact with the apps, leaders and product teams improve quality and receive the best value from its development cycles.

Its workload is very demanding and it processes 7 trillion data points annually. An average customer query is 50,000 events and these queries may go up to 10 billion events. With the company’s growth, it was difficult for it to scale up using its servers. Downtime and system failure were too frequent, draining important engineering resources. It required to keep the speed of the media query to one second so that it can enable some real-time analytics.

After evaluation of the leading cloud providers closely, Mispanel started to move its production workloads to Google Cloud Platform. It uses Google Kubernetes Engine to scale resources automatically and Google Persistent Disk for flexible and fast block storage. To maintain the speed of sub-second query, it captures huge data on Google Compute Engine.

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