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Miller-Modigilani Hypothesis Assignment Help
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A Sneak Peek to Miller-Modigilani Hypothesis Assignment Help

In the year 1963, Modigliani and Miller came up with a theory explaining the tax benefit reaped from raising debt. Followed by this, the theory passed on to understand and consider ideal capital structure which is also presented and in Trade Off Theory. As per the findings of Modigliani and Miller, the draw of debt slows down in synch with the personal tax imposed on the income earned from interest. A company when experiences financial slowdown and fails to cope with the obligations imposed by debt holders. In such case, it has higher chances of getting declared as insolvent. It is also included as a primary element in the in the Trade-off theory of capital structure in which debt is looked upon as bankruptcy costs of debt / charges of financial distress. Further, direct and indirect bankruptcy costs is inclusive in this calculation. For more details about this subject you can get Miller-Modigilani Hypothesis assignment help from us.

What is Motive of Modigliani Miller (MM) Hypothesis?

MM theory as explained above was introduced by two experts namely Modigliani and Miller. The theory is targeted at knowing the exact value of a company post assessing and reviewing underlying risk of income and assets which are associated with its operations. So, this concept studies about all the investment aspects of a company along with its capabilities to distribute dividends. Came into existence in the year 1950, this theory is a highly influenced topic in the business study. In the assignments allotted on this topic, students are required to assess the functioning of a company or a local firm and get complete details about the same.

Also, they need to know about the proposition of weighted average cost of capital which remains same without getting influenced by type of capital structure. Some related terms that are set in context of MM approach are Issuing Bonds, Cost of Borrowing, Capital Structure, WACC, Net Income Approach, Financial Leverage, and Operating Income (Net). Apart from this there are a number of fundamental terms which must be taught and explained in the Miller- Modigliani Hypothesis assignment help. MM approach is based on the following factors / norms:

  • Perfect capital markets: Such implication relates to the functioning of a perfect capital market that defines these securities as infinitely divisible. In such market, investors have the freedom to buy/sell securities and they can also borrow money without facing restrictions or terms and conditions. They have no obligation to pay the transaction costs. Investors are believed to be rational and act consequently.
  • Dividend pay-out ratio is assumed to be 100%.
  • As perfect information is one of the basic assumptions, investors have high hopes from a firm which can promise them net operating income (EBIT). This helps in evaluating the net worth of a company.

Key Assumptions of MM Approach

Some of the core assumptions on which Miller-Modigilani (MM) Hypothesis is based include that a firm is free from the obligation of taxes and has no imposition of paying transaction cost / bankruptcy cost. Also, it assumes a situation in which borrowing costs is equal for both companies and investors. They are given symmetric market information which hints that investors and the companies have equal level of access to the data. MM approach assumes that debt has no effect on a company’s earnings before interest and taxes.

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