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Microsoft Entity Framework Assignment Help
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Microsoft Entity Framework Assignment Help

A brief discussion of Microsoft Entity Framework

Microsoft Entity Framework is an ORM framework for .NET applications that are supported by Microsoft. It allows developers to perform with data by using objects of specific classes without concentrating on underlying databases columns and tables wherein data is stored. With this Entity Framework, developers are able to work at a higher abstraction level where is data is dealt with and can maintain and create data-oriented applications using less code in comparison to traditional applications. If you are searching for a reliable Microsoft Entity Framework assignment help service online then BookMyEssay is the right platform. Entity Framework fits into the database and business entities. It saves data that is stored in business entities and retrieves data from the database and then converts to business entities automatically.

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Microsoft Entity Framework- A Summary

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Microsoft Framework is an ORM that is aimed to enhance the productivity of a developer by minimizing the redundant jobs of using data in the applications.

  • It can generate the essential database commands for writing or reading data in a database and then executing them.
  • When you query, you are able to express the queries against the domain objects using entities to LINQ.
  • It executes the relevant query in a database and materializes results in the domain objects so that you can work in an app.

Microsoft Entity Framework has a granular mapping layer to customize mappings, for instance, mapping a single entity to several database tables or multiple tables into a single table.

  • It is the recommended data access technology of Microsoft for newer applications.
  • NET refers to the technology directly for data tables and data sets.
  • It is where the forward moving statements are being made.
  • Microsoft recommends its use over LINQ, SQL, or ADO.NET for new developments.

With the Entity Framework, the conceptual model is the focal point. The conceptual model can align with the database schema or may be very different. You may use Visual Designers for defining a conceptual model that can generate classes to be used in the applications. You may define the classes and utilize its feature known as Code First.


The notable features of the Microsoft Entity Framework are listed below as follows:

  • It is a Microsoft tool
  • It is no longer dependent or tied to the .NET release cycle
  • It works with a relational database having a valid Entity Framework provider.
  • It is developed as an Open Source.
  • SQL command to Entities to LINQ.
  • It can create parameterized queries
  • Tracks changes to the memory objects
  • Allows to update, insert, and delete command
  • It has stored procedure support.
  • It works with your own classes or with a visual model.

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