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Metallic Bonding Assignment Help
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Metallic Bonding Assignment Help

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Metallic Bonding Assignment Writing Help: About Metallic Bonding

Metallic bonding is a strong attraction that takes place between closely packed metal ions and a pool of delocalized electrons. This type of bonding takes place only in metallic elements. Metals contain few electrons in the outermost shell. Therefore, they are able to lose electrons to their pool of electrons easily, leaving behind positively charged ions known as cations. The electrons being negatively charged attract the positively charged ions. This electromagnetic attraction occurring between metallic ions and delocalized electrons is metallic bonding.

The strength of a metallic bond depends upon the intensity of attractive forces between mobile valence electrons and positive kernels. The metallic bond strength rises with the drop in atomic radius and rise in a number of valence electrons. Both these factors tend to drop the metal character due to the decreasing tendency to form a metallic crystal. For instance, moving along a period from left to right causes metallic character to decrease. In the same way, moving down the group in alkali metals causes the atomic radius to rise. As a result, metal bond strength drops causing the melting points of alkali metals to decrease.

There are several factors that favor the metallic bonding. They include a large atomic size of the element, the low electron affinity of the element, a large number of vacant orbitals in the valence shell, the low ionization energy of the element, and a small number of valence electrons. Students can get professional Metallic Bonding assignment help and writing service from our expert chemistry writers at best price. Score A+ grade in Your Academics.

Different theories explain the bonding that takes place between metals. Here is electron sea model or gas model for metallic bonding:

Electron gas model is the simplest model that elucidates the properties of metals. Proposed by Lorentz, the model consists of the following main features:

  1. An atom of the metal should contain two parts, the nucleus plus inner shells or Kernel and the valence electrons.
  2. The metallic crystal comprises three-dimension crystal packed metal atoms. The metal atom’s kernel takes fixed positions known as Lattice Sites while valence electrons occupy space between the Kernels.
  3. The nucleus does not hold the valence electrons of the metal atom firmly due to low ionization energy. Thus, they tend to come out of the field of influence of one Kernel and enter the field of influence of the other. The movement can occur by means of the valence orbitals that are vacant. Therefore, the valence electrons are mobile but not localized. Because the electrons’ movement in the metallic crystal is similar to that of gas molecules, this model is known as electron gas model.
  4. The parallel force of attraction between the positive Kernels and the mobile electrons is responsible for binding the metal atoms together, and that bond is a metallic bond.

It is important to note that a metallic bond is non-directional and is not as strong as a covalent bond.

Metallic bonds exhibit properties similar to those of metals. The properties include solidity at room temperature and pressure, ductility, high density, sonorousness, good conductivity of heat and electricity, high melting and boing points, malleability, lustrous nature, and ability to form positive ions always.

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