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Mentorship Assignment Help
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Mentorship Assignment Help

BookMyEssay provides the best possible mentorship assignment help to the students of nursing to help those writing exclusive assignments on this topic. Mentorship is a different type of job for a nursing professional. Their many challenges in the job. Examiners want to understand how much a student has understood the subject and whether she will be able to handle the responsibility successfully. BookMyEssay extends a complete professional Mentorship assignment help service that enables the students to achieve high scores in the assignment tasks.

An Overview of Mentorship

The job of mentoring newly recruited nurses or professional nurses in a new position is not an easy job. The mentor needs to have complete knowledge on the subject as also the ability to manage the whole system efficiently. There are three aspects in nursing Mentorship –

  • The nurse who gets assistance called Mentee
  • The nurse or any senior qualified person who is providing assistance called mentor
  • The system where the both work

In practice, a mentorship is a part of a broad responsibility that a senor most nurse perform. A newly recruited nurse gets all relevant information regarding the working procedure, working environment, organizational hierarchy, computer systems used, etc. from her mentor. On the other hand, a mentor also helps the existing nurses to update their knowledge on the system, hierarchy, patient care, new devices etc. Whenever a new system is adopted or changes done, the management of a hospital, clinic or health center trains the senior most nurses, who in turn provide mentorship to the acting nurses.

The Process of Mentoring:

Mentees learn all the basic aspects of their jobs and responsibilities in their roles more quickly when they pay attention enthusiastically to what is going on around them. Mentors are always a rich source of knowledge. They are highly experienced and qualified nurses. They’ve been there for years. They have experienced every single aspect of a nursing job in the concerned environment for years. They learned from the experience, seniors and attending doctors. Thus, mentees can have a huge quantity of information from the mentors. A smooth-sailing mentoring relationship actually enriches a new nurse.

Effective mentoring relations are built upon trust, openness, positive affirmation, preparedness from the part of mentees, expertise in giving the right advice and ability in receiving feedback, etc. Mentoring is a continuous process that involves a substantial expenditure of time and energy on the part of the mentor and the mentee.

After undergoing an effective mentoring procedure, the mentees often feel more confident and inspired that surely make a remarkable difference in their practice. Other advantages of mentoring for the mentee include the following:

  • It increases the self-confidence of a mentee
  • It builds or enhances leadership skills in a mentee
  • It helps to gain new knowledge and work more efficiently
  • It helps the overall unit of nurses to collaborate with each other smoothly
  • It helps in career development
  • It strengthens communication skill of a nurse

A mentor helps the mentees under her to learn their roles, the organizational environment, and the core organizational culture. A mentor creates a friendly environment for the newly recruited nurses. It helps them to work stress-free, control the relationships in the hospital, and voice their concern freely. Mentors are friendly, approachable, sensible, and competent individuals dedicated to mentorship job. They are there to help the nurses to achieve their respective targets. Good mentors are confident enough in their individual knowledge, and successes. They take all necessary steps for overall development of the mentees. The success of a mentee is necessary for achieving organizational success.

Mentorship Assignment Help

Expert writers in this field help the following ways –

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Features of BookMyEssay:

  • This premium assignment help service provides 24/7 student assistance service. Here students can contact an executive ant time through email, telephone or instant messaging option. Executives answer promptly.
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