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Mentoring is a professional and a personal relationship wherein a knowledgeable and highly experienced person guide, trains, and supports a less experienced person. The person, who instructs personal guidance and professional knowledge, is known as a mentor. The person who obtains guidance is known as a mentee or a protégé. Mentoring is a training procedure that is in existence since the ancient Greeks time, these days it is used exclusively to mean a training process within a corporate environment. College students pursuing management degree often seek Mentoring assignment help from BookMyEssay. With the help of highly qualified and subject-oriented experts work according to the requirements of the colleges and universities and help the students to secure remarkable grades in their assignments. If you are struggling with this particular subject then you should contact our experts for a top-notch academic assignment help. You will be assured of timely delivery of excellent assignments at a reasonable cost. Our experts are holders of Ph.D. degree who ensure top quality grades without compromising on quality. Our experts take care of minutest details related to a mentoring assignment.

Mentoring – An Overview

Mentoring is guidance in a semi-structured manner whereby a person shares his skills, knowledge, and experience to help others progress in their careers and lives. So, mentoring is a process that a professional mentor follows to guide students or trainees under them. Writing an assignment on mentoring means you have to know that process. It is not easy. You may need professional assistance in Mentoring Assignment and research paper writing help to accomplish this task successfully.

Mentors should be prepared and accessible to provide help whenever there is a need. Mentoring may be an arrangement of a short-term till the original purpose is fulfilled or it may last for several years. It is more than imparting advice or passing on your experiences in a particular situation or area. It is all about empowering and motivating the other person in identifying his own goals and issues and helping to find out ways to resolve by respecting and understanding different methods of working. Mentoring is not therapy or counseling but a mentor can help a mentee to access specialized avenues in the best possible manner.

Types of Mentoring

Different types of mentoring are there and each of them has its own characteristics. Our experts associated with Mentoring assignment writing help in-depth knowledge in all these types of mentoring. Following are the most popular types of mentoring:

  • Multiple mentoring- Rather than one mentor, multiple mentors can be useful. So, multiple mentoring experts can expose a mentee to a wide knowledge and a talent pool base. Several companies these days prefer multiple mentoring so that their employees receive a complete training experience.
  • Trade Mentoring- This mentoring is imparted by trade mentors who possess expertise in a specialized field. They expose trainees to new ideas, new trends, and also about the changes happening in that field.
  • Industry Mentoring- These mentors have a huge understanding of the industry.
  • Organization mentoring- The organizational mentors provides detailed information about the internal policies of an organization.
  • Technology mentoring- As technology is changing rapidly, the technology mentors can help in the situation where there is a technical breakdown or a technical glitch.

Advantages of Mentoring

Regarding the advantage of mentoring, you have to be as knowledgeable as the experts of Mentoring Assignment and homework writing help. There are a number of potential benefits of mentoring such as the following ones:

  • Mentoring programs encourages to understand changes and to keep you going.
  • It improves personal and communication skills.
  • It reinforces your study skills and also increases your knowledge about a particular field.
  • Develops management and leadership skills
  • Empowers you in making wise decisions
  • Stimulates professional and personal growth.
  • Establishes a direction for accomplishing objectives and goals.

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