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Medical Radiography Assignment Help
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Online Medical Radiography Assignment Help

Medical Radiography is a subject related to the study of images through techniques such as X-rays and MRI scans. Writing Radiography assignments can be difficult for students pursuing courses in radiography technology courses. It covers huge subject areas where students lack the knowledge and this is the reason they consider availing expert Medical Radiography assignment help from BookMyEssay. Our Australian writers prepare unique content without copying it from anywhere else, thus ensuring that the assignments are plagiarism free. We check the assignments through plagiarism detection software prior to their final submission. Our proficient editors further guarantee you flawless content.

What is Medical Radiography?

Medical Radiography is a term covering many kinds of studies, which need to visualize the internal parts of a body through X-ray techniques. It is a technique to record and generate x-ray pattern for providing the users with static images. It is different from mammography, fluoroscopy, and computed tomography.

It is used for diagnosing and treating the patients by recording images of the internal structure of their body. It assesses the presence or the absence of foreign objects, disease, and the anomaly or structural damage. It is a fast-paced and dynamic career to help people from every walk of life.

Uses of Medical Radiography

Medical Radiography is used in several kinds of procedures and examinations where you record a static image. Some of its uses are stated in our Medical Radiography homework and assignment help are as follows:

  • Dental examination
  • Mammography
  • Orthopedic evaluations
  • Chiropractic examinations
  • Static recording or spot film during fluoroscopy
  • Verification of right surgical markers before invasive procedures

Roles of a Medical Radiography

  • Scan a patient to create top quality pictures of various body parts
  • Reporting and diagnosis by radiologists
  • Follow the safety guidelines and make sure the safety of the patients
  • Explain the process to patients to get accurate images
  • Oversee equipment, evaluate image quality, and adjust settings.

Skills needs for a successful Medical Radiographer

  • Detailed attention
  • Reliability
  • Communication skills
  • Analyzing equipment problems
  • Teamwork skills
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to perform in stressful situations


Medical Radiography is an x-ray procedure and it has the same kind of risks similar to the other x-ray procedures. The radiation dose required by the patient differs depending on the specific procedure, however, it is usually less compared to what you receive during computed tomography and fluoroscopy procedures.

The major risks that are associated with medical radiography as mentioned in our Medical Radiography assignment help online experts are the following:

  • developing radiation-induced cataracts or cancer at some part of your life, and
  • causing disturbances for the development or growth of the fetus or an embryo when it is performed on pregnant patients or on childbearing age.

When a patient has medical needs, the advantage of radiography exceeds much more the risk of cancer associated with the process. Even when you need medical radiography, it should use the minimum images and the lowest exposure. In many cases, many possible risks can be minimized or eliminated with accurate shielding.

Advantages of Medical Radiography

There are several advantages of Medical Radiography. Images of the human body are produced using various means including magnetic resonance, ultrasound, X-rays, and nuclear medicine to allow the physicians to see what is inside the body, identifying and ruling out medical problems, and diagnosing diseases.

Considering the radiation dosages that are used in medical radiography such as X-ray and computed tomography scans are much less than compared to what is used in radiation oncology. It uses radiation therapy to treat cancer. Radiotherapy and radiology are very different.

The modern use of medical radiography is one of the greatest advances made in medicine, allowing doctors to manage and diagnose the diseases of the patients’ rapidly and safely. Many medical improvements of these days need tests using radiation for confirming plan management, diagnoses, and monitor the treatment responses.

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