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Medical Law is an Important Part of Medical Science

Medical law is considered the body of laws regarding the rights and duties of medical professionals as well as their patients. The chief areas of focus include negligence, confidentiality, and other torts that are connected to medical treatment, ethics, and criminal law. Students who are studying Medical law are regularly given assignments to complete and when they wish to get the best Medical Law assignment help, look forward to our assistance regarding assignments. When students take our help, they remain de-stressed as we take the entire responsibility of their job from start to finish. We take pride in the fact that countless students from all across the globe come to us for science homework writing because they are well aware of this fact that we provide 100% unique paper for each student of ours. While preparing assignments, we get in touch with various references and then only, provide students assessment writing that includes Medical Law assignment writing help. We understand that students amidst their busy schedule find it really tough to complete assignments by themselves on time and so, we never miss the deadline for submitting our job. It has never happened that we submitted our job after the stipulated time-frame.

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What is Medical Law?

Medical law is viewed as the branch of law which governs the responsibilities and prerogatives of medical professionals. Additionally, it governs the patients’ rights too. However, medical law is pretty different from medical jurisprudence, and the chief branches of medical law comprise:

  • Criminal law in the spheres of medical practice and treatment
  • Law on confidentiality
  • Law on torts and negligence related to medical treatment

Again, medical law does address many vital ethical questions and they include questions related to the quality, nature, and duration of life. However, these questions have come prior to the courts’ regard to reproductive technology, euthanasia, and sterilization of a non-competent patient.

The Confidential Factors

Medical health professionals, as well as medical doctors, possess a long tradition of confidentiality with their patients and it dates back to the English Common Law. Nonetheless, this tradition has got codified recently, so, anything which is said by patients to their doctors or mental health professionals during the course of treatment or diagnosis tends to be privileged and confidential until and unless the person expresses an intention to harm himself or other people. This confidentiality has got reinforced and extended with the arrival of the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). This federal law was intended for dealing with many numbers of issues related to the progressively mobile and connected behavior of the culture and it developed many legal safeguards to shield the confidentiality of the medical and mental health records of patients. This Act also developed a number of formal and new requirements regarding disclosures and ways in which info can get exchanged and keeping the patients’ information confidential. However, people who do violate this Act do face remarkable liability.

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