Measures of Central Tendency Assignment Help

Measures of Central Tendency Assignment Help
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Measures of Central Tendency Assignment Help

An Overview of the Measures of Central Tendency

The measure of central tendency is basically a single value with the help of which the middle or central point of the distribution is determined. Basically, there are three main things with the help of which the central tendency measures. They are – Mean, Mode and Median. You can calculate the central tendency for any finite set of values or for any type of theoretical distribution. The measures of central tendency are also colloquially called as averages.

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A Brief Detail on the Measures of Central Tendency

In the measure of a central tendency, there are three important factors which need to be measured correctly. These are Arithmetic mean, mode and median. Among all these factors Arithmetic mean is the most important and highly used measurement.  It can be used for both discrete as well as continuous data. Arithmetic mean is calculated by adding all the values of the particular data set and dividing the result of the addition to the number of the data item.

Median is another most commonly occurring values and it is actually the middle score of all the data set. Since the median is the middle point there are same numbers of scores above the median as well as below the median. In case there is an odd number of set the median is simple to calculate – the middle value of the data set becomes the median. But in case the number of data set is even then the median is calculated as the mean of the two middle numbers from the dataset. Students are advised to take the professional assignment assistance of BookMyEssay for getting the world-class assignment on Measures of Central tendency topic or other.

The mode is another very important occurring value in the measures of the central tendency. The mode can be found in both the numerical and non-numerical data. Among all the measures of the central tendency mode is the only measure that can be used for the nominal data. It is such a measure that has a pure quantitative category of assignment.

Thus, central tendency is a type of distribution which is basically contrasted with its dispersion and variability. Both dispersion and central tendency are characterized by the properties of the distribution. The measure of central tendency is the central and typical value for the probability distribution.

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