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McClelland Motivation Theory Assignment Help
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Online McClelland Motivation Theory Assignment Help

McClelland Motivation Theory is crucial for any practicing manager. The motivation of employees plays a significant role in ensuring higher human resource productivity. To ensure enhanced productivity all the time, it is important to ensure that employees feel motivated. Successful managers know that all employees have different kinds of motivation.

As per McClelland Motivation Theory, those who desire to complete difficult jobs possess tremendous achievement desire, and they prefer tasks providing them with quick feedback. Generally, a majority of people prefer tasks that pose moderate risks. However, irrespective of culture, gender, or age, people have different motivators and one of those is their dominant motivator. Students can get best McClelland Motivation Theory assignment help from BookMyEssay experts without any complexity and get higher grades in academics.

There are different characteristics of people depending upon their dominant motivators. The dominant motivators are mainly three in number: Achievement, Affiliation, and Power.

The motivator of achievement makes people having a strong need for setting and achieving stimulating goals. It makes them capable of taking risks for goal accomplishment and receiving regular feedback regarding their achievements and progress. Moreover, achievement often makes people work alone.

Affiliation creates a desire in people to belong to a group. People want others to like them and they often follow whatever other people want to do. Affiliation causes people to prefer collaboration to competition and creates a disliking regarding high risks or uncertainty in people.

Power makes people dominate and impact other people. Power-driven people like to win arguments. They enjoy winning and competition, and also they relish recognition and status.

McClelland Motivation Theory Assignment Writing Help: Applying McClelland Motivation Theory

McClelland Motivation Theory enables people to identify their dominant motivators and also of others’ on their team. It is possible to use the theory to influence how one sets goals, renders feedback, and how one motivates and rewards the team members.

Here are the steps that people use to apply the theory:

Step 1: Identifying drivers

People need to examine their team to identify the dominant motivator for each person. They can perhaps identify drivers on the basis of past actions and personality. For example, a team member always likes taking charge of the group during the project assignment. The person persuades people by speaking up in meetings, and delegates work to others to achieve the group’s goals. The person likes to take the control of the final deliverables. It is most likely that the dominant motivator of the person is power.

There can be another team member who remains taciturn during meetings. The person strives to manage conflicts within the team, always agrees with the group, and visibly gets uncomfortable when people talk about high-reward or high-risk projects. This person is most likely to have the tremendous need for affiliation.

Step 2: Structuring approach

People need to structure their leadership style and project assignments around every team member based on the driving motivators of the team members. Doing this allows them to make sure that all team members stay motivated, engaged, and happy with their work performance.

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