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Market Equilibrium Assignment Help
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Market Equilibrium Assignment Help

Market equilibrium is a concept that is covered under and exists in a perfectly competitive market. It is regarded as a situation wherein the demand of good stands equivalent to its market supply. In other words, the being quantity being supplied is meets the demand registered in the market. Also, this condition hints at a balanced state wherein the output remains constant with no hint or idea of changing. As shown in figures, such situation exists when the market and demand curve intersect. If it shows any point lying lower than this, it refers to surplus of goods whereas in the other scenario, shortage of goods is showcased. Price that is set in correspondence with the Market Equilibrium is termed as the equilibrium price and the quantity is termed as equilibrium quantity. We are always ready to provide the complete support to the students with our best and affordable Market Equilibrium assignment help. So that students easily score the best grades.

What are the Core Assumptions Studied in the Market Equilibrium Assignment Writing Help?

In order to reach this position in a perfectly competitive market, there are set a handful of assumptions that make this situation attainable. These are enlisted below:

  • Every company gives acceptance to price set or being ruled in the industry that is also called as the price maker.
  • All the companies operating in a competitive market reap normal profits
  • The respective market demand and supply follow the set Law of Demand and Law of Supply
  • The hands-on price mechanism works in a market that facilitates the management of the supply and demand decisions

The Rule of Excess Demand / Excess Supply Explained in Market Equilibrium Homework and Assignment Help

Excess demand – Is a condition that hint a situation wherein the demanded quantity of a product exceeds its market supply when assessed at a given market price. It also includes the integral concept of transmission Mechanism wherein increase in prices often leads to less demand and high supply. If this situation tends to persist till the excess demand gets curbed, the market and equilibrium obtain the set point wherein it attains an equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity.

Excess Supply – This condition is the opposite of excess demand and is also recognized as a situation of shortage of goods. The quantity supplied of goods exceeds the demand thus market price tends to shoot up than the already set equilibrium price.

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What are Conditions in which Market Equilibrium Occurs?

Market Equilibrium assignment help aims to study the change in this concept. As stated above, in market equilibrium, demand is equivalent to supply. The situation happens under two conditions that are:

  • Increase in supply – When the market experiences high rate of supply, the supply curve tends to shift right. This change or shift in the curve leads to increase in the new equilibrium point that is referred to as E1. This results in price fall as a result if which the goods quantity will rise.
  • In the event of increased demand, which is second situation/condition that leads to market equilibrium, demand curve shifts towards right to create new equilibrium point named E1. This, therefore, results in price hike and also boosts the rate of quantity demanded.

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