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Marine Ecology Assignment Help
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Marine Ecology Assignment Help

Marine Ecology is acknowledged as the scientific study related to marine-life populations, habitat as well as interactions among the organisms plus their surrounding atmosphere that includes their abiotic and biotic factors. Abiotic factors include non-living chemical and physical factors that influence the capability of organisms for surviving and reproducing. The biotic factors deal with living things that affect an organism directly or indirectly within its environment. The study of Marine Ecology is a subsection of Marine Biology and involves observations at the cellular, community levels, biochemical, and individual plus the study of the biosphere and marine ecosystems. Students who have undertaken Marine Ecology as their subject are given assignments on this subject. Due to this, they remain excessively tensed and spend sleepless nights.

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Getting Known to Marine Ecology

Marine ecology studies the impacts of human activities, like development, forestry, agriculture, fisheries, and medical research. In many ways, the study of marine ecology is more complicated compared to the straightforward study of one specific environment or organism because in this study there are countless symbiotic relationships, interconnections, and effect of countless factors on a precise atmosphere. Some people fail to understand the difference between this subject and marine biology but there is a big difference between these two streams. A marine biologist concentrates on the behavioural relationships between the creatures in one certain species. On the other hand, a marine ecologist would have to observe the abiotic factors and their influence on that creature. The scientist who has been dealing with community ecology would study about a group of creatures to notice the way they affect abiotic factors and other species.

The Subgroups of Ecology

The chief subcategories of ecology are as follows:

  • Physiological ecology – This refers to the study of abiotic and biotic factors performance on the physical features of a creature and how the creature adapts itself to the biotic and abiotic surroundings.
  • Behavioral ecology – This category studies about the evolutionary and ecological dynamics that are accountable for the creatures’ adaptation to their surroundings.
  • Population ecology – This division studies about the population of creatures in specific species and the way in which populations relate to their atmosphere.
  • Community ecology – This section studies the process of the reaction of species in a given community.
  • Landscape ecology – This unit studies about the organisms’ interaction with one specific landscape.
  • Ecosystem ecology – This section studies how the matter and energy flow through ecosystems.
  • Global ecology – This studies the process of interaction of matter and energy in the whole web of existence on earth.

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