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Marine Biology Assignment Help
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Marine Biology Assignment Help from AUS Writers

Marine Biology deals with the study of animals that live inside the water, whether it is river, ocean, or pond. This subject focuses on the study of all the marine animals beginning from the smallest to the largest. Marine Biology is present in all the science fields-botany, chemistry, biochemistry, and zoology. Science deals with experiments and if the performed work turns out to be true and real, then it is accepted by the science. The main objective of science is to find out the truth. Marine Biology focuses on the lives of the underwater bodies and thus this subject draws the attention of people towards the sea animals and their importance and the harmful effects. The subject is an interesting one but complicated too. To get a better idea and to have a clear understanding regarding every topic in marine biology, students take Marine Biology assignment help from BookMyEssay.

Marine Biology does not belong to a different discipline of Biology. The organisms that stay in the marine environment are studied for research. The understanding of the qualities of the sea along with the occupants and the unique relationships of the organisms to the environment are studied. The students of the Marine Biology students have to manage with the lectures, assessments, and research study etc. This makes it very difficult to find out time for writing an essay and  assignment on this subject and therefore the students take Marine Biology homework assignment help online from BookMyEssay. The assignments delivered by us are high in both content and quality. Our science assignment writing experts shall submit the completed assignments within the deadline. They are updated with all the research process that is going in the field of this subject and they incorporate all the latest developments in the assignments. Both knowledge and grades will be uplifted if the students take essay assignment help services from us.

Studying Marine Biology

The study of marine biology includes various disciplines like chemistry, ecology, biological oceanography, geology, physical oceonagraphy, and zoology. Like all the other science disciplines, marine biology too is concerned with the scientific method. The ultimate aim of the science subjects is establishing the truth. To follow a scientific method does not involve a stringent process but the research is operated in a logical and a systematic way to cut down any margin of error, which is present in a scientific study. The main ingredient in any kind of research is observation. Hypotheses are developed and approved based on the observations.

The Sub-fields of Marine Biology are the Following:

  • Microbiology – Microbiology deals with microorganisms and their study. The microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, bacteria, and protozoa are studied for understanding their role in the marine ecosystem. This study is extremely important for an in-depth understanding of food chain and how the plants and the herbivorous and the carnivorous animals are all inter-connected.
  • Fisheries and aquaculture – The aim is to protect the biodiversity and for creating sufficient seafood sources as the world is dependent on fish for protein.
  • Environmental Marine biology – Environmental Marine Biology includes study and application of ocean health. It is vital for the scientists to have knowledge about the marine environment’s quality and also to ensure that quality of water is adequate to maintain a healthy environment. Pollutants, Sediments, runoff, etc are potential threats to the health of marine lives in the coastal areas. The health of the offshore marine environment is also studied.
  • Deep-sea ecology – The technological advancements made to explore the deep seas have made this area possible to study. The research studies encompass studying the ocean gases as alternate sources of energy and also how the underground ocean animals survive in the cold and the dark environment.

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