Managing Natural Hazards Assignment Help

Managing Natural Hazards Assignment Help
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Managing Natural Hazards Assignment Help

The climate events like earthquakes, landslides, droughts, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, and global weather threaten the lives of people and property. These are known as the natural hazards and the natural disasters. The natural hazards are accountable for more than 95% of the deaths in the developing countries. The high population density, unstable landforms, severe weather conditions, and poor infrastructure make it more vulnerable. The natural hazard is an area of the geography subject where constant efforts are being made to reduce its harmful effects. Many organizations are set up by the countries for managing the natural hazards. The geography students are given assignments on the natural hazards and to avail a superior quality writing, they take Managing Natural Hazards assignment help from BookMyEssay. Our custom writing service experts provide the perfect explanation of the important areas of this topic. Apart from meeting each and every guideline specified by the university, we make the effort to submit them much before the deadline.

Most of the college and the university students are not aware of the depth of information required to complete an assignment on managing the natural hazards. Moreover, they get worried when they have multiple assignments to write. This topic of the geography subject is taken by the students as a theoretical subject rather than a practical one. But, geography is a science and like the other science subjects, it is incomplete without practicals. Natural hazards are a very crucial topic that has grabbed the attention of governments because many lives are killed and properties are lost causing huge loss to mankind and the country. Although constant efforts are made to manage the hazards, a lot more needs to be done to achieve the desired results. People must be educated through awareness and proper co-ordination must be there between the state and central agencies. This being a tough topic, students find themselves stuck in the middle of completing the assignment and hence avail Managing Natural Hazards assignment writing help from BookMyEssay.

Management of Natural Hazards

The economic cost of the natural hazards worldwide are increasing every year. Science and technology play vital role to manage the natural hazards. Numerous countries worldwide have established various programmes for establishing geographic information systems, remote sensing, satellite data, and the information and communication technologies. Some of the methods implemented are:

  • National emergency warning – To deal with the disaster effectively, it is required to spread warnings related to the potential hazards as well as providing timely information to people. Countries are making continuous efforts to improve the national emergency signals together with the early warning signals and are extending to the states the kind of choice, it would like to adopt. The warning systems include the television and the radio broadcasts, phone messaging systems, and through the internet.
  • Use of ICT to streamline emergency – Many countries are working towards integrating the ICT tools to consolidate and rationalize the links that are in existence between the organizations. The responsibility of integrating lies to the personnel who is in charge of managing natural hazards. The meteorological agencies of the nations are answerable for the initial warnings that is concerned with the disasters related to weather. Several countries are relying on the satellite data for observing the global weather continuously. The OECD countries and the G20 countries have their meteorological agencies.
  • The phone warnings – Phones are being used to warn people against emergencies and its use is expanding at a rapid rate because of the huge advancement in the mobile technologies. In the countries like Australia, for the emergency cases, states and territories are allowed to issue warning signals through the phones to the areas that are identified as highly sensitive. This method has been used numerous times for storms, flood, tsunami, oil spill accidents, and the missing person emergencies.
  • Remote sensing techniques – A considerable amount of information is given worldwide to the remote sensing satellite to provide assistance and useful information in all the phases of natural hazards. Several organizations and countries have deployed the satellite systems to offer huge capabilities that are extremely useful for the assessment of the disasters.

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