Management of the Harvest of Marine Species Assignment Help

Management of the Harvest of Marine Species Assignment Help
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Management of the Harvest of Marine Species Assignment Help

Biodiversity is extremely important for the survival of the human beings. There are large varieties of species on the Earth and all the species whether they are animals, plants, or micro-organisms are important to keep the ecosystem of the world balanced, healthy, and flourishing. The loss of biodiversity disturbs the life of billions of people because it has been estimated that more than 3 billion people are dependent on the marine and the coastal biodiversity alone. But, in the recent past, numerous human activities are threatening the lives of the marine species, chief among them is the harvesting of the species by humans. Continued overfishing diminishes the biodiversity of the oceans and disrupts the ecosystem function relentlessly because the food webs get disturbed. Therefore, proper management of this practice becomes imperative. Assignment writing about the management process requires a lot of dedication, skill, and time. Thus, in order to submit a high-quality paper, students of the college and universities take Management of the harvesting of marine Species assignment help from BookMyEssay.

In the recent years, several approaches have been made to protect the biodiversity. It has been recognized that marine environment holds a lot of importance to the humans. But harvesting of the marine species has declined their population hugely and this is posing a major threat and challenge to the biodiversity. Hence, conservation and management have become highly important. Domestic management measures are needed but the marine ecosystems mostly are trans-boundary and more than 60% of the seas have their jurisdiction beyond the nation, hence it is critical to implement any regulation. Thus, to write an assignment paper on this topic, the students must have a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations and the laws of the different nations. Sometimes, the lack of knowledge of the subject and lack of proper guidance in the college or university makes the students helpless when they contact assignment help on Management of the harvesting of Marine Species from BookMyEssay. We prepare the assignments with the help of highly qualified writers who always maintain the respective university guidelines. Our writers in this field are just great in keeping the deadline.

Management of the Harvesting Of Marine Species

Oceans cover almost 70% of the earth and support large varieties of marine life. The oceans are a major source of oxygen provider and also instrumental to store carbon dioxide. The marine species are a provider of the important ecosystem services like food, livelihoods, medicines. However, the marine species are over-harvested by the humans thus threatening marine biodiversity. The effects of over-fishing are evident in major parts of the world and have resulted in damage to the marine ecosystem. It is critical that these species must be protected to secure the survival of the ecosystem services. The ways to manage are:

  • Techniques – The strategies and the techniques for conserving the marine species combines the theoretical strategies with the practical strategies like setting up marine protected areas. Other techniques are developing sustainable fisheries and restoration of the population of the endangered species using artificial ways. Another way is by curtailing the human activities that pose threat to the marine ecosystem through the techniques like fishing quotas or the laws.
  • Laws and treaties – International Laws and treaties for marine conservation Like the Marine Mammal Protection Act, National Marine Sanctuaries program and many other laws can be implemented that may definitely help to conserve the marine species.
  • Organization and education – Many marine conservation organizations exist throughout the world that put emphasis on educating the public and funding on the conservation efforts. Some of the examples of this kind of organizations are Oceana, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Marine Conservation Institute, Marine Conservation Society, Marinelife Alliance, and many more. Some of these organizations offer training on marine conservation and help to develop a professional career for the volunteers who are working on the marine species projects.

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