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Expert Law and Criminality Assignment Help

Laws, in general, are the rules that are enforced by a legal authority. As our society and world are becoming progressively complex, more and more laws are enforced and made obligatory. Most of the laws are for the benefit, protection, and preservation of the public order. Without laws, our society would be completely dysfunctional, anarchy, immoral, and chaos. Laws do not restrict the freedom of people but secure it by restricting anybody violating it. A crime is an act done against the law and it is punishable under the law. There are numerous laws and if all the laws are identified, then it would be quite a surprise to know that many of the laws are broken on a daily basis. Ignorance is a major factor in breaking the laws. Other major reasons that can be cited are greed, anger, jealousy, malice, and carelessness. Criminality and law are basically concerned with punishing those individuals who have committed a crime. The Law and Criminality assignment help from BookMyEssay help the criminal law students to secure top grades in their academics.

Students while pursuing various courses in criminal law are given assignments and homework on law and criminality. For submitting an effective assignment, students must put in loads of efforts but some students face a number of difficulties, which results in non-submission of assignments within the scheduled date. Students must be aware of the different laws and use proper examples in a case study. For writing an effective essay, a thorough research is mandatory and if the assignment is submitted without offering accurate facts, it does not result in something valuable. At times, students lack these skills and also cannot devote sufficient time for completing a law assignment within a short time period. This makes the law students take Law and Criminality assignment writing help from BookMyEssay. Our assignment help writing services have been quite beneficial to criminal law students from the reputed universities all across the globe. Students can rely on our services regarding assignments, homework, essays, dissertations, thesis, term papers, and other academic papers by the experienced law tutors.

Overview of Law and Criminality

The types of crimes that are covered under the criminal law include the following:

  • Felony crimes
  • Crime against person and property
  • Misdemeanor crimes
  • Drug-related crimes
  • Crime against public order
  • Theft and fraud crime

The main purpose of a criminal justice system is to give justice to all. The legal system oversees the ordinances and punishes the guilty and restrains them from committing further crime and gives protection to the innocent. The law is effective because the state tries to secure prospects of society by reducing crime as well as preventing crime. The judiciary system tries to replace the imbalances, which are produced by people who attempt to take advantage of this system in a legalized way. This law secures the common rights of civilians along with protecting the elementary rights of the criminal suspects. It balances the justice system and ensures of proper investigation apart from maintenance of the basic civil rights.

The Arrangement of the Criminal Justice System

There are basically five components of the criminal justice system. They are:

  • Law enforcement – The officers prepare the crime reports and their main duty is to collect sufficient evidence from the area where the crime has occurred. Their responsibility also lies in arresting the offenders, giving testimonials in the court and conducting the other necessary investigations.
  • Prosecution – The prosecutors represent the state and they appear in the court process right from the first hearing of the accused in the court till the time the accused is either sentenced or acquitted.
  • Defense attorney – Defense attorneys are appointed by the court or the defendant. The state is defended by the prosecutor while the criminal defendant is represented by the defense attorney.
  • Courts – The responsibility of a judge is to ensure that all the laws are followed properly and monitored. They can either accept or reject the plea or can sentence the offenders.
  • Corrections – The correction officers are responsible for witnessing the convicted offenders when they serve imprisonment or are on parole.

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