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Joomla Assignment Help by Joomla Developers and Get High Scores

Joomla is the most popular award-winning open source content management system (CMS) which helps in creating websites and online applications. Joomla is open source means anybody can use it to develop websites and applications and connect it with MySQLi, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database making it highly interactive for visitors as also system administrator. has created highly efficient Joomla assignment help where experienced Joomla writers providing top-notch Joomla project help & assignment writing service. These writers are just ready to complete any kinds of assignments related to Joomla ensuring timely delivery of the task and impressive scores in the assessment.

Where can Joomla are effectively Used?

Joomla is a widely-used CMS, in fact, it is already used millions of times in creating all types of websites all over the world. Some of its best uses can be found in the following sectors:

  • All types of corporate websites and portals including banking, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, and FMCG.
  • Digital publications and newspapers, including e-magazines, and online journals.
  • E-commerce sites of any types.
  • Online railway, airline, bus, and other types of booking systems.
  • Websites in health care sector.
  • Government websites and personal websites.
  • Websites for educational institutes like schools, colleges, and universities.

Versatility of Joomla

Joomla is highly interactive for both visitors and system administrator. As it is efficient in the content display, it is also efficient in site management and content development. It has two areas: visitors’ area and administrator area. So, a developer can customize both the areas proficiently as per his clients’ requirements. Thousands of templates are available for both areas, and the management can choose the best one for managing content, upload extensions, and many other jobs.

Register for Joomla Account at

Step 1: Follow this link: www(dot)cloudaccess(dot)net/free-joomla-hosting.html

Step 2: Type in your site name for a “Free Hosting Account”, select Joomla! >> click Launch Instantly button. Please use your 10-digit student number preceded by “usq” as the unique site name (e.g. usq006xxxxxx).

free-joomla-hosting - step 1

Step 3: Create a Free Sub domain is selected >> click Next step.

choose domain name - Step 2

Step 4: Confirm that Joomla! Version is 3.4 and Pre-installed Template is CloudBase3 (pre-selected options), >> click Next.

joomla version select - Step 3

Step 5: Confirm Free Joomla! Site as the Order Summary >> click Checkout.

joomla order summary - Step 4

Step 6: Fill in your details at the Checkout page >> press Complete Order. Make sure you use your valid USQ email (UMail) address – an email will be sent for Account verification. Payment Method is Free Site Order >> tick the checkbox to agree to the CloudAccess(dot)net Terms & Conditions.

payment methods - Step 5

Step 7: You should receive a “CloudAccess(dot)net New Account Verification” message in your inbox where will get Cloud Control Panel (CCP) login information. Click the link in this email to activate your account.

How to Access Joomla Login Screen?

To “Login” to Joomla, the user needs to access: Website URL + “/administrator” from the browser when the following page will be opened:

The user needs to put his username and password to access his own administrator page.

How to Develop Joomla Article?

Step 1: The content for the web pages that contain text, images, and hyperlink are developed in the Article Manager, which can be accessed Joomla 3 admin page.

Step 2: On clicking the article management, the following window will be opened:

Here, the article is to be written and its format is to be changed accordingly.

Step 3: The article can be added to the website menu in the following way in the Main Menu manager:

On clicking “Add new menu item” the following window will be opened:

On selecting the article from the computer, the content will be uploaded.

How to Add Banners to Joomla Sites?

The computer science students who are learning to use Joomla are often given assignments on how to add banners to a Joomla site. The expert writing help for Joomla homework ask to proceed as follows:

Step 1: The student needs to access Banners as shown in the figure below:

Step 2: On clicking Banners Manager, a new page will be opened where he needs to click on the green “New” button.

Step 3: As the new page opens, a few information regarding the banner is to be put as shown in the image below:

After putting right information and choosing the field “Type” as Custom, the page is to be saved.

Step 4: Now the student needs to open Extension >> Module manager >> New. The system will show all available Module type. Here, one needs to choose “Banner“. As the following page opens up, the student will have to customize the banner as per his need:

Now the banner will be visible on the site.

Professional Help with Joomla Project Creation

BookMyEssay provides all sorts help with Joomla project creation that makes any sorts of Joomla related assignment writing and Joomla site creation task rather easier for the students. The best possible help with Joomla assignment help is provided to any computer science students in any part of the world. The Joomla experts are even skilled enough to handle emergency Joomla assignment provide Joomla Project help which is to be submitted with a few hours’ deadline. Moreover, BookMyEssay has created a special helpdesk with a dedicated email id, and Live chat support system where students can contact anytime for Joomla assignment help.

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