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John – Organization Change Theory Assignment Help
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John – Organization Change Theory Assignment Help

Working on John Kotter’s 8 step’s organization change model assignments is not easy, especially when you are given the task on some particular organization. Many organizations around the world today follows John Kotter’s Change Theory when they decide to change certain aspects of their organizations need change or the entire organization needs the same. To ease the assignment writing task on this topic we have introduced John-Organization Change Theory assignment help. Our associated writers know this subject from the core and most of them have industry experience. If you have any problem in writing the assignment on this subject give us a chance to assist you. Remember, too few assignment writing help service online can provide such a specialized assistance on Kotter’s organization change theory and we are one of them.

Basic Problems Students Face While Writing the Assignments on this Topic

John Kotter is an eminent Harvard professor and renowned around the world especially in the USA and Europe for his change model. In 1995 he wrote the book ‘Leading Change’ where he had explained his 8-step change process. If you need to write anything on the subject, you have to know the professor well and read the book ‘Leading Change’. But, how many of your classmates have that time? Do you have that time? Reading a book thoroughly and then do the other research works to complete the assignment. Here is when you need John-Organization Change Theory assignment writing help.

Besides, like thousands of other students you may have any one or more of the following issues:

  • The deadline is often described as a prime issue. Missing the first deadline and facing “penalty” is quite common among the students in business management.
  • Writing an assignment in ‘style’ is another prime issue. If you cannot write in style, you will definitely miss some vital marks.
  • If you are not a native English speaker, then writing in flawless English with zero grammatical mistakes is definitely an issue. Poor English may spoil your hard work.
  • Do you have a clear idea of the referencing style they have asked to adopt? If not, you will face several problems, it may lead to plagiarism issues.
  • You also have to be clear about plagiarism issues. Do you know what makes a paper 100% authentic? Do you know, 80% students don’t have a clear idea in this vital matter?

You may have several other issues like any family urgency or health matter. In any case, if you have an authentic John-Organization Change Theory research paper writing help, you will be able to overcome all these issues successfully.

John Kotter’s Eight-Step Organization Change Theory

Here are all those eight-steps in a concise form, remember, it is just the tip of an iceberg:

Step 1: The author says that if you want a real change in your organization, you have to make it happen from the core. Everyone concerned should have the realization that the change is important in the current perspectives. So, confide people that you want the change and why do you want it should be disclosed to everyone. There are many smaller steps included in it like anticipating the possible threats, showing what is going to happen, what kinds of resources required, etc.

Step 2: Forming a team with able personnel is the next step. You have to find the leaders and influencers in your company whom you can include in the team. In some circumstances, you may have to consult with some external professionals.

Step 3: You have to create a clear strategy. Many ideas will roam around the organization. You have to be realistic in this matter. A true leader always takes feedbacks from the key people in the organization. Here again, you have several aspects to be taken care of.

Step 4: Mere creating a strategy is not enough, you have to know how to inculcate such strategy and your vision in the organization, especially the into the core team who is going to take make it happen.

Step 5: Several obstacles will come in-between. It is the primary duty of the core team to understand the major obstacles, key persons behind, and how to overcome these obstacles.

Step 6: Small successes while the change is going on motivate people. You have to know how to take small steps keeping in view the broader aspect of it.

Step 7: Take time before celebrating the change. The author asks to be very cautious in this matter. Because many modifications may be required even after a change process completes.

Step 8: Once finalized and everyone has accustomed to the changed environment the culture of change should be induced in the organizational culture.

John-Organization Change Theory Assignment Writing Help

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