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Ions and Ionic Bonds Assignment Help
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Online Ions and Ionic Bonds Assignment Help

Among various types of bonds that keep the atoms in a molecular structure together, ionic bonds are the most important one among them. In chemistry, you will cover lots of lessons of ions and ionic bonds. If you are already learning them and doing lab works, you know the complicacy of the lessons. Ions form when one or more electrons from the outermost shell of an atom get free and enter into the outermost shell of another atom. In every chemical reaction, positive and negative ions are formed maintaining certain natural systems. You have to know the electronic configurations of different elements to understand how their ions are formed in different chemical environments. The assignments you will get on this subject is not going to be easy. BookMyEssay understands your problem and at what aspects you can mistake. So, our qualified team of Ion and Ionic Bonds assignment help offers state-of-the-art expert assignment help to improve your grades in the examinations.

An Overview of Ions and Ionic Bonds

An atom is neutral, i.e. it does not possess any positive or negative charge. This happens because the total positive charge of the protons in the nucleus is equivalent to the total negative charge of all the electrons in the outside shells. The neutrons in the nucleus are neutral they only add to the mass of an atom. Now, if for any reason, one electron from the outermost shell in an atom flies away the atom will be positively charged as it has now less number of electrons to balance the positive charge in the nucleus. On the other hand, if an electron from any other atom enters into the outermost shell of an atom, the atom becomes negatively charged. In the former situation, it is called positive ion or anion and the latter one is called negative ion or cation.

The electrons in the outermost shell of an atom are called valence electrons. These electrons take part in the formation of ions. As the number of valence electrons changes from one element to another, so the characteristics ion formation also changes from one element to another.

The process of ion formation is called ionization. It can occur in several ways. Several types of compounds like salts when dissolving into a liquid like water separate into their ions. Sodium Chloride or common salt consists of sodium and chlorine. In a solution, these two elements exist as free Na+ or positive sodium ion and Cl- or negative chlorine ion.

There are various compounds that contain dissociable protons or H+ ions or positive hydrogen ions form acids when they dissociate in water. In the similar fashion, some compounds contain basic ions or OH- ions or hydroxide ions, when these compounds dissociate in water bases are formed. Elements or compounds that ionize in solutions are known as electrolytes. Again, there are certain substances that do not ionize in a solution like sugar and alcohol. These are called nonelectrolytes. When ions are formed in a solution, these ions conduct electricity. In this condition, an anode and a cathode if introduced into this solution, the ions get attracted to the electrodes of opposite charges. This creates electricity.

Ionization is also possible on any forceful activity on the atoms like the bombardment on a material with high-speed particles or through radiation.

In this subject in chemistry you have to learn lots of other related matters like how to recognize the ion formation in a chemical reaction and how to represent it through an equation, what is polarization effect, what determines the bond strengths, and many other matters.

Ion and Ionic Bonds Assignments Writing Help

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