Inventory and Intangible Assets Assignment Help

Inventory and Intangible Assets Assignment Help
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Inventory and Intangible Assets Assignment Help

Intangible Assets Need Special Attention

Intangible assets are those assets that are not physical in nature. Goodwill and intellectual properties like copyrights, trademarks, and patents are intangible assets. Intangible assets are opposite to tangible assets that include building, land, and inventory. Moreover, financial assets like bonds and stocks are also considered tangible assets. We at BookMyEssay assists the students with our Inventory and Intangible Assets assignment help. Intangible assets are not tangible and they do not have any physical existence and are very difficult to evaluate. They get their value from legal or intellectual rights. The homework homework of BookMyEssay possess huge industry experience that can help the students with their assignments. They are highly qualified and have obtained their degrees from reputable universities and colleges. We aim to offer flawless answers in a concise manner by providing only relevant information. Our Inventory and Intangible Assets case study writing can assist you to know detailed information about the topic. We can help you with all your questions and queries and furthermore, our services shall help you to secure top grades in your academics.

Inventory and Intangible Assets – A Summary

There are two parts in this study – Intangible assets and inventory. Both are important parts of business and commerce. So, your assignments in this subject are not going to be easy. If there is any problem in understanding the topic or any reasons whatsoever, contact Inventory and Intangible Assets assignment  paper writing help.

Inventory is the accounting term, which refers to the goods in different stages being ready for sale including:

  • Finished goods
  • Work-in-progress
  • Raw materials

Inventory is the biggest current asset and the items are expected to get sold in future. To make sure that the accounting records are accurate and updated, the businesses take the count of the inventory at the end of every accounting year that may be quarterly or annually. Companies that count inventory daily take perpetual inventory as the count is current.

As per IFRS, intangible assets can be identified and they are non-monetary assets that lack physical substance. Just like all the other assets, these are expected to give economic returns to the company. You can clear all doubts in this matter, which is not unusual, contact Inventory and Intangible Assets homework help service. The experienced and professional writers are there to assist you. It is a long-term asset and it lasts for more than a year. They do not have any physical existence similar to the other assets like inventory. Intangible assets are the largest part of the long-term assets and they can be classified into two categories- identifiable and non-identifiable.

Identifiable intangible assets can be separated from other kinds of assets and are even sold by an organization. These assets are the intellectual properties like the copyrights, patents, trade names, and trademarks. Software and the computer-related assets can be classified as the identifiable intangible assets. The unidentifiable intangible assets cannot be separated physically from a company. Goodwill is the most unidentifiable intangible asset. Internal goodwill is a loss but an external goodwill is an asset. So, when a company pays more than the fair value for acquiring a company, it is termed as goodwill. One intangible asset is a copyright. It is granted for the entire life of the creator and additionally 70 years. Copyright is not renewable. It gives its owners and heirs the exclusive right to sell and reproduce publish or artistic work.

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