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International Trade Assignment Help from Ph.D. Writers

The import and export of capital, goods, and services across the international borders or territories are termed as international trade. The world economy is dependent on this trade and this greatly decides the demand, supply, and pricing of goods in a country. International trade is influenced greatly by the political and economic structure of the different countries and it helps in balancing the surplus and scarcity of a good or service in a particular nation. Trading between nations takes place for every kind of product including the perishable ones. The international trade requires an in-depth understanding of macroeconomics and international politics and also the objectives and functions of World Trade Organization. BookMyEssay has experts who possess exhaustive knowledge on the international trade subject. They can provide International Trade assignment help to the students as well as clear all their doubts related to the subject.

International trade gives the necessary boost to the developing economies for the inflow and ex-flow of employment and development too. This way a country can expand its market and get the necessary benefits regarding the goods and services it cannot produce efficiently. By trading, it can obtain the item from another country comfortably. This leads to the development of markets in their own country and helps them to become more competitive in the international market. This is a vital subject for the students studying economics course and in order to test their competence about the subject, they are often given assignments on international trade. International Trade assignment essay help is availed by the students from BookMyEssay when they are not able to accomplish their understanding goals and are unable to prepare the assignments according to the university guidelines. Our Experts are Ph.D. holders and well-versed with the referencing styles and the guidelines set by the universities.

The Concept of International Trade

International trade refers to the exchange of goods and services between member countries. It has grown exceptionally due to increased industrialization, transport, international business, globalization, and many other aspects. Previously, International trade was governed by the treaties based on the relationships between the countries. However, it is now controlled by WTO or World Trade Organization and the multilateral treaties like General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade or GATT.  It promotes the free trade between the member countries. International trade enables the utilization of resources like capital, labor, and innovation more effectively.

It not only increases efficiency but allows the nations to participate in the international economy and motivates the possibility of foreign direct investment. Global trade allows the rich countries to use the resources like technology, labor, and capital more efficiently. Every country is endowed with different natural resources and different assets. Some countries can produce the same goods more effectively and therefore can sell them at a cheaper rate. If another country cannot produce the same item efficiently, it obtains that item by trading with that country. This is called specialization in international trade.

The benefits of international trade are widely accepted worldwide. Faith in the advantages of international trade has encouraged most of the countries to adopt the international economic policies which promote more trade and investment. An important feature of the international economic policies is to reduce the global barriers related to trade. The level of economic activity has serious implications on the international trade. As the countries grow along with the rise in per capital income, the complexity of the international trade also increases.

International trade encourages the opportunity for foreign direct investment or FDI. FDI is the means through which foreign currency can enter a country. It raises the employment levels and thus leads to growth in GDP.

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