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Professional International Law Assignment Help

International Law is a challenging and a complex subject which deals with the rules and regulations that binds the relations between different nations. Writing assignments on this topic requires a lot of focus and an in-depth study of the core concepts such as international treaties, human rights, international legal theory, international courts, and many more. The scope of this discipline is broad and therefore many students after pursuing this subject practice law for the large international organizations like the World Trade Organization and the International Court of Justice. The law students while working on its core concepts face difficulties in assignment writing, editing, researching, and proofreading. If you find yourself going through the same situation, then connect with our BookMyEssay experts for the best International Law assignment help. We provide quality custom writing services at very cost-effective prices.

International Law is a great career option for the students where they can indulge in different professionals ranging from attorneys, judges, experts to legal secretaries. Moreover, this course offers a dynamic and a challenging workplace. The study of international law is a prominent subject which is pursued by the students at the university level. Students are required to complete the specific assignments on the challenging topic of international law to prove their analytical skills. BookMyEssay provides premium quality International Law assignment help for the law students and helps them secure good grades in their examinations. Our international law assignment essays are compiled by eminent scholars who have in-depth knowledge of international law. Our team of law experts are adept at the concepts of this paper and therefore can deliver a well-researched paper that can definitely impress the college and the university professors.

What is International Law and What are its Sources?

International Law has no defined governing body or an area but refers to the many varied laws, customs, and rules that deal, govern, and impact the legal interactions between the different nations, governments, organizations, and businesses and also encompass their rights and responsibilities. International law is a voluntary endeavor where the enforcement power exists between the consenting parties to the agreement.  The diverse legal systems and the applicable history of the different countries make both the common law and the civil law applicable to it.

The Sources of International Law

The sources, principally the treaties between the nations are considered the authoritative statements of the international law. Treaties are considered the strongest and the most binding one because they include the consensual agreements signed between the countries. It is stated in the International Court of Justice that the rules of the international law are found in the general principles of the law of many countries, customary state practice, legal scholarship, and domestic judicial decisions.

  • Treaties – They are quite similar to the contracts between countries. Their written provisions are binding on the parties. They can address any field like the North America Free Trade Agreement on trade relations, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty on Nuclear Weapons. They are either bilateral or multilateral.
  • Custom – The customary international law is created by the actions of a state when they demonstrate acting otherwise can be illegal. Though the rule is not written, it is binding on the states and must be followed by them.
  • General principles of Law – This source is based on ‘natural law’ theory which states that some actions are right while some are wrong. The general principles are practices and legal reliefs which are common to all the developed legal systems.
  • Judicial decisions and legal scholarship – These two sources are not by themselves considered international law but when coupled with general principles of law or international custom, they form a source of the international law.

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